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Super Watermarks
Super Effects
Super Reports
add highly configurable product badges, watermarks, logos, stickers, labels, and box frames to your photos all-in-one-click.

Super Watermarks is the best solution for Shopify merchants who want to personalize or protect product images. The app allows you to:

  • Add watermarks, stickers and badges automatically
  • Protect your intellectual works by labeling them
  • Promote your marketing campaigns with special stickers or your own logo
  • Remove stickers and restore your original images
Provides various interactive season-based, holiday-related effects, ornaments, animations, and decorations

Super Reports is an indispendible application that helps you easily to add animated effects to your store with simple manipulations with a variety of benefits:

  • Preview the effect on your store.
  • Search for your favorite effects by tags
  • Easily boosting sales with 70+ eye-catching effects
Provide a convenient solution for tracking key metrics and managing store performance wwith more than 50 e-commerce must-have reports templates, 500 fields of Shopify data
  • Super Reports is an advanced Shopify report application that helps you track your business metrics and packages all the important information into a neat little email sent to you.
  • Save your time by exporting and sending all your Shopify reports for products, vendors, customers, sales, order, inventory, etc. in real time or schedule by any frequency.

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