New Update — 300+ stickers on Super Watermarks library

New Update — 300+ stickers on Super Watermarks library

In recent days, Super Watermarks has had a significant growth of users. We — Super Watermarks team are always grateful and cherish every customer who has supported us all the time. Besides the love from our customers, the effort to release new updates has also contributed significantly to the growth of Super Watermarks.

In order to bring better value to users, as well as enrich the sticker library as we have committed, we are pleased to announce that 2 new sets of stickers have been released in the application, bringing the total number of stickers in the library to more than 300.


In addition to the informative stickers for product images, Super Watermarks also provides funny, youthful decorative stickers to attract your customers at the first sight with unique designs.

Attaching these pretty and colorful stickers to your product images is like sending a lovely message to your customers. Moreover, you can also insert some keywords to improve rankings on the search engines, as well as you know that your customers will search for them.


They are so cute, aren’t they? Stay tuned for more!

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