Super Watermarks’ new released features

Super Watermarks’ new released features

This is the day we have all been waiting for!

Super Watermarks finished the Beta version on May 26th, 2020. Thank you so much for accompanying us. You know, all good things must come to an end…and be replaced with something way better! We have just launched a beautiful, professional new version of the application. It is another step in our master plan to promote your experience with us as well as to meet your satisfaction.

These are our 3 new features

Add stickers to the cover image

Your customers will notice the wonderful eye-catching cover image of your products, which will definitely earn your store some attention. The first image now can be ornamented with our specially designed stickers, informing your customers about a new campaign or occasional sale-off program.


Get a preview before officially removing watermarks

This feature will help you visualize your original images at the time they were not marked with watermarks and stickers.


Deleted inessential campaigns

This feature eliminates your old or unnecessary campaigns to make your store more professional and neat. When you delete a campaign, all images in it are restored to the originals at the time you created the campaign.


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