10 best Shopify page-builder apps you must have

10 best Shopify page-builder apps you must have


Page-builder, at the first glance, might be confusing to some store owners, however, it is an effective way to create an exclusive appearance to your store and promote a product a lot better than the regular theme. Following are the top Shopify page-builder apps that we derive from thousands of expert’s opinions and research. Let’s see what is the best for your Shopify store.

Page Studio Page Builder

1. Page Studio Page Builder.jpg

You can build a beautiful and powerful Shopify store by Page Studio Page Builder app with no understanding of code. You can customize your store and create your own store’s spirit by drag-and-drop functions. Or in case you want to advance your site, you can use an advanced editor to change and enhance code correctly until it satisfies your desire. 30 days of free trial will prove that this app is what you are looking for.

Zipify Pages

2. Zipify Pages.jpg

Let’s widen your profit margin by a smart and safe Shopify page-builder app like Zipify Pages. This app allows you to apply guaranteed campaigns in order that sales and conversions can be boosted. At the same time, the native connection with Shopify will simplify management, tracking and displaying matters. Zipify Pages is also integrated with the major platforms such as Facebook and Google to optimize your traffic. Drag and drop features can help you to customize the shop vividly with no designer or developer required.

Page Builder & PRO page editor

3. Page Builder _ PRO page editor.jpg

Establishing Shopify stores nicely is not big trouble now if you pick Page Builder & Pro page editor. Thanks to CMP PRO, you can input the best product images, boost their performance and make a perfect visual beauty to your store. There are over 50 ready-to-use themes that you can choose to effectively match your business goals; font, styles, color or sizes of text are all customizable. Especially, the app offers a gallery and content slider, the audiences will never miss any information of your store.

Shogun landing page builder

4. Shogun landing page builder.jpg

Millions of customers all around the world have rated this app as the top page-builder app for eCommerce stores. Beautiful and professional vibe comes from every corner of the app. Your site will be decorated uniquely by the impressive themes, equipped with all required features of an online store and integrated with effective tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Typekit.

Buildify Drag & Drop Builder

5. Buidify Drag _ Drop Builder.jpg

This is the best Shopify page-builder app with the most powerful drag and drop system that you must have. You can drag and drop everything on your own page, smoothly run it on any device and enjoy exceptional responsiveness of the design. In particular, if your business is not under development, you can use Buildify Drag and Drop Builder for free. It is pretty Partner friendly!

PageFly Advanced Page Builder

6. PageFly Advanced Page Builder.jpg

You will quickly fall in love with this app! PageFly Advanced Page Builder allows you to design your own Shopify store, customize functions and decorate your shop with incredible drag-and-drop features with zero code needed. About 100 elements ranging from basic to advanced level, over 70 ready-to-use stunning templates for online store, compatible with the top-rated Shopify apps and admirable customer support will never let you down.

AZEXO Free Page Builder

7. AZEXO Free Page Builder.png

This is a free app, now you can design your page perfectly and economically. Firstly AZEXO Builder is a “stand-alone” app and compatible with all themes. It can function well on all devices and users at all levels. You can create a classy website, beautiful gallery lookbook, or develop your homepage, product page, landing page and so on. Then, fortunately, AZEXO is not too heavy, which means you can save a lot of time to execute a command compared to other counterpart tools.

DragDropr | Site builder

8. DragDropr - Site builder.jpg

200 templates, blocks and widgets; import code into Shopify store by HTML embed; extension for Google Chrome. Now you might know how strong DragDropr can be. You can eliminate the concern of the complicated code and spend more time to make your store eye-catching since this app offers around 100 landing page templates and hundreds of various content blocks. With one click, you can even import a brand-new theme to your Shopify store, DragDropr allows you to convert your content into HTML code and smoothly run on the browser. Well, DragDrops can also support you to secure your shop by integrating with the GDPR.

GemPages Page Builder & Funnel

9. GemPages Page Builder _ Funnel.jpg

GemPages Page Builder & Funnel has been proudly trusted by over 15.000 merchants because of its exclusive features. Without a single code, you can make all types of pages like pricing page, homepage, FAQ page, blog post and especially landing and product page. Moreover, GemPages Page Builder & Funnel allows you the dropshipping tool, that feature definitely prevails over its rivals.

Shop Builder Kit

10. Shop Builder Kit.jpeg

Shop Builder Kit gives you a chance to build your own homepage and pages neatly. All components of the page are rated as highly responsive and friendly regardless of devices. And particularly, even if you uninstall the app, the contents and the pages that you have created will be maintained.

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