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End-to-End E-commerce Solutions: Shopify Store Development, Public and Custom App Development, Migration to Shopify, Headless Development, and Checkout Customization.



Shopify Store Development

Transform your Shopify store with our comprehensive Shopify Store Development service, which includes store design, setup, theme customization, and Technical SEO/Performance Audit.

Our team specializes in creating visually appealing designs, optimizing user experience, and leveraging advanced features to enhance performance and scalability.


Public App Development

Are you considering the creation of a Shopify public app to significantly boost sales? As a seasoned Shopify app development company, we've enabled many clients to achieve remarkable revenue growth.
Our team specializes in crafting Shopify public apps designed to improve customer retention and drive substantial return on investment. We have a track record of developing Shopify-approved public apps tailored to meet our clients' needs and drive increased profitability.


Custom App Development

Enhance your store's capabilities with our bespoke app development and seamless integration solutions, tailored to your unique requirements.


Migration to Shopify

Seamlessly transition your online store to the Shopify platform with our expert migration services, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising data integrity or user experience.


Headless Development

Transform any digital screen or device into a sales channel—backed by the speed, power, and scalability of Shopify Plus.

Experience unparalleled flexibility and scalability with our headless development solutions, empowering your business to deliver immersive shopping experiences across multiple channels and devices.


Check Out Customization

Maximize conversions and streamline the checkout experience with our tailored customization services for Shopify Plus, creating a seamless buying journey for your customers.

Shopify Project Development Process


#1. Analysis:

Understanding the Requirements

Before jumping into the software development process, we need to know exactly what it should do and how it will be used.

  • Ensures alignment with your goals.
  • Forms the basis for project planning and design.
  • Reduces the risk of miscommunication and scope creep.

#2. Create plan & strategies

Setting the Foundation

We conduct comprehensive consultations with stakeholders to understand both the business and technical aspects of the project.

  • This involves analyzing core business objectives, target audience, and market positioning, while also evaluating technical infrastructure, scalability, and compatibility.
  • We gather detailed requirements, explore potential solutions, assess risks, and ensure stakeholder alignment to lay the foundation for successful project execution.

#3. Design

Refining the specifics

Collaboratively create detailed plans for software functionality and appearance.

  • System Design: Blueprint software components and interactions, considering tasks, efficiency, security, and limitations.
  • Software Architecture Design: Determine construction of software components, focusing on modularity, testability, and scalability.
  • UI/UX Design: Define software's look and feel, prioritizing user-centricity and consistency.

#4. Development


The team uses programming languages and technologies to turn designs into working software.

They write code for things like user interface, data handling, and system connections. Development takes the most time because it's the core of the process.

The team follows the software requirements to build what the stakeholders want.

If earlier stages were done well and requirements were clear, development should go smoothly.


#5. Testing & Deployment

Ensuring It Works

We do the various tests include: System Testing; Unit Testing; Integration Testing; Functional Testing; Performance Testing; Acceptance Testing to ensure functionality and meeting requirements.

Deployment is the phase where we take the software from the development environment and make it available for users to use.


#6. Maintenance

Keep it running smoothly

At 2B I/O, we guarantee up to 365 days depending on the project's size.
The warranty period is started from the initial Shipment Date of the Software.
It includes: Bug Fixes, User Support, etc.
Users may have questions or run into problems while using the software.

A support team is often in place to assist users and provide guidance.

Why choose us?

Expertise and Experience:

  • Certified Shopify experts with extensive eCommerce experience
  • Proficiency in Liquid, JavaScript/CSS/HTML, Shopify API, and app development

Communication Skills:

  • Strong communication skills for effective interaction with team members and clients

Problem-Solving Ability:

  • Exceptional problem-solving ability for efficient troubleshooting and enhancement

Organizational Skills and Post-Project Support:

  • Well-organized and adept at time management to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Meticulous attention to detail ensures bug identification and proper code documentation
  • Enthusiastic support after project completion to ensure client satisfaction and address any further needs.

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