10 best themes for your dropshipping Shopify business

10 best themes for your dropshipping Shopify business


The recent years have witnessed the evolution in dropshipping for e-commerce businesses with low startup costs. However, there are still some drawbacks such as poor control over order fulfillment or customer service. That’s why a suitable Shopify theme is pivotal to solve these matters. Following are the top 10 best themes for your dropshipping Shopify business to assure that your revenue will stably grow up.


1. Banita theme.jpg

Banita theme

You will be surprised and pleased with this multi-concept Shopify theme that can effectively work for all eCommerce projects. Banita is such a flexible Shopify theme that many stores in all fields such as Fashion, cosmetics, furniture or sports nutrition have used and successfully earned profit. Offering over 50 widgets enclosed with plentiful individual settings and around 250 color options, Banita is a perfect selection to establish and customize your Shopify store.


2. New demos of Kalles theme.jpg

New demos of Kalles theme

Kalles provides super-fast loading speed, 3D model or video thumbnail and optimized-consistent experience regardless of devices. 35 wonderful homepage layouts with minimalist design and customization features enable you to display your products uniquely. Around 3,000 merchants have purchased Kalles and rated 5 out of 5 by 270 customers. Undoubtedly, your drop-shipping business will definitely hit a peak with such a versatile and responsive Shopify theme.


3. Alchemy theme.jpg

Alchemy theme

Alchemy receives 100% positive reviews on the Shopify stores and this situation is not just coincidental. Alchemy allows merchants to tell their story by Youtube or Vimeo video and eliminate the distance between your Shopify store and the customers by high-resolution images. Other features such as drop-down menu, Instagram integration and reorderable home-page rows will definitely prove that Alchemy is unquestionably the top-selected Shopify theme for a dropshipping business.


4. Responsive Ella theme.jpg

Responsive Ella theme

Ella featuring well-design, multiple layouts and eye-catching templates will spotlight your products and shoot up your drop-shipping business. There are 15 homepage layouts, 09 product pages and 07 shopping pages to select, and of course, they are all set up with incredible UI/UX and mobile optimization to work smoothly. Your products or collections will be placed in a grid display so as to introduce new or trending items, at the same time, Instagram feed is also offered in Ella.


5. Plain responsive Shopify theme.png

Plain responsive Shopify theme

Plain is highly recommended by users because of its responsiveness and infinite color combinations. You can freely customize the theme to match your brand’s tone and feel or even create your own Logo with Plain.

Social marketing tasks become less troublesome because Plain entirely integrates with social media apps and thus, improve the chance of showing up on Google search results and other search engines.


6. Free stunning Venture.jpg

Free stunning Venture

Free Shopify themes sound great if you are an eCommerce newbie and Venture is one of them. This theme is built for large catalogs appealing to the drop-shipping stores which offer a high quantity of products. You do not need to fear that the key features will be excluded from a free design, product filtering, promotion banner, drop-down navigation or social media icons are all available.


7. Logancee with minimalist design.png

Logancee with minimalist design

Logancee is contributed by minimalist design and powerful features with the design’s passion and efforts. The app offers many kinds of headers, layouts and styles which significantly help you to design a successful drop-shipping site. SEO-optimized features built in the app are also strategic compared to the other when selecting Shopify themes for drop shipping e-commerce stores.


8. Supply theme for large inventories.jpg

Supply theme for large inventories

Supply theme serves most effectively for the company or store which offers a large inventory and multiple collections. You can input over 50 products, more than 5 collections or categorize items in large menus, such a convenience for dropshipping business while product navigation is still available in order that your customers can filter by price, color, testimonial or brand. Built-in styles and color palettes will generate the most aesthetic look for your Shopify store.


9. Fresh Oars theme.jpg

Fresh Oars theme

This theme inherits the most powerful function and trending styles of Shopify designs. Minimal white and bridge retina, pastel tone and fresh design ultimately harmonize with organic food, fashion shop, furniture and interior stores. An advantageous feature of Oars theme is SEO microdata, which will support you a lot when running marketing campaigns.


10. Bridge Organica.jpg

Bridge Organica

The advanced design of Organica will satisfy you at the first glance. Green is the main color combined with white background and black text, this theme is 100% idyllic for food stores, natural cosmetics or other eco-friendly product stores. The theme is designed with images and text in a pleasant way to illuminate your products. In particular, the testimonial is included so your visitors will have a more accurate view of your products.

Not all of Shopify can work proficiently for dropshipping stores while there are thousands of risks that can destroy your business. A wise selection of Shopify theme will facilitate the site activities, optimize chance on search engines and foremost, maintain adequate customer service.

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