11 Fun ways to spruce up your store website during shopping seasons

11 Fun ways to spruce up your store website during shopping seasons


Black Friday firstly generated a record $6.22 billion in online sales in 2018, with many of those transactions coming from mobile devices. In addition, Black Friday net sales for brick-and-mortar businesses plummeted 4 to 7%. Investing in online e-commerce during the holidays will almost certainly result in massive sales for your company. It's a big error to concentrate entirely on your physical stores.

1. Black Friday – the most exciting shopping season.jpg

Black Friday – the most exciting shopping season

Your website must be ready for the influx of online shoppers throughout the holiday shopping season. Not only does your website need to look and feel good, but it also needs to load quickly and be ready to withstand the increase of website traffic that will occur throughout the holiday shopping season, which runs from November 20th to December 24th. Here are a few areas and features of your website that can be spruced up in preparation for the holiday shopping rush.

1. Homepage image: Use a holiday-themed main graphic as the homepage's main graphic. Run frequent holiday specials, such as the year's best bargains. -> The most common incentive for customers to shop online is free shipping.

2. Holiday-themed logo — Adding a little graphical flair to your company logo for the holidays, such as garland, snow, wreath pieces, and other related holiday items, can be a pleasant touch.

3. Pre-Holiday Deals: Add a page to the website called "Pre-Holiday Deals" that may be linked to with a graphic on the homepage and in the header. Then, to drive visitors to this page, market it with email blasts, social media postings, boosted posts, and online ad campaigns.

4. Deals Pages for Black Friday/Cyber Monday – Create Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals pages on your website that can be linked from email blasts, social media posts/ads, and the home page's main graphic. Create blog posts for "Top 10 lists" in a variety of product categories, such as "Top 10 Gadgets Black Friday Deals." It's possible to increase your retargeting reach during the holidays by including your retargeting cookie on your article/blog pages. If these pages are well-optimized for content and page titles and linked from your homepage, they can bring you SEO traffic.

5. Holiday-themed header/footer — Adding some decorations, garland, or other holiday-themed objects to your header or footer can give a wonderfully festive touch and show your visitors that you're on top of things. Promotions can be advertised in the header and footer as well.

2. Free Shipping in sale season.jpg

Free Shipping in sale season

6. Free Shipping Offer - Free shipping is the most popular ecommerce promotion. It should be included in your newsletters, automated emails, website graphics, social media pages, live chat widget, and phone sales center. Your Christmas promotions should be well-coordinated across all of your consumer touchpoints.

7. Server Load - Ensure that your website's server can manage a high volume of traffic and that it is always loaded as rapidly as feasible. For your hosting and website speed, a NO EXCUSES POLICY must be in place. Nothing kills conversions like a website that takes forever to load.

8. Website Speed — Having a well-converting website and increasing sales, especially during the holidays, is one of the most important things. Several tactics can be used to reduce the time it takes for your website to load. You can use tools to assess the speed of your website on desktop and mobile to identify and improve areas that can be sped up.

9. Cart-Abandoned: Shopping Cart That Has Been Abandoned Follow-up Emails/SMS — To convert more visitors, use abandoned shopping cart follow-up emails and text messages. Browser abandoners can also be contacted by email. It's necessary during periods of high traffic. Make seasonal promos in your emails and opt for box popups on your website!

10. Mobile Optimized - Make sure your website has an excellent mobile version that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. This time of year, you really must have a well-converting and performing mobile version of your site, as more consumers than ever are shopping on their phones. If you have the funds, a mobile app is also a good idea because it allows you to send app/push notifications and make check-out easier.

11. Live Chat that is proactive – Use a footer widget to greet all visitors with a holiday-themed box that reads, "Happy Holidays, may we assist you with anything?" It's an information-first, promotion-second conversation management method that provides a human touch to your site traffic and can be measured through discount codes. It's a tried-and-true method for increasing conversion rates!

3. Chatbot can promptly send your customers Holiday wish.png

Chatbot can promptly send your customers Holiday wish

Before the holiday season begins, every small change you can afford to make could make a big difference. You'll make the most sales at this time of year, but you'll need to be prepared to handle the flood of new consumers. You could even be able to persuade them to stay if you use the appropriate approach.

4. Christmas theme.jpg

Christmas theme

However, you must make a strong first impression. If your website is difficult to use, poorly optimized, and frequently goes down, you risk losing prospective long-term consumers while also disappointing existing ones. Make sure your Shopify, WooCommerce and or e-commerce stores of any type are ready to go, and don't wait: your competitors won't.

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