20 winning niches to start selling in 2021

20 winning niches to start selling in 2021


Tons of products have been introduced in the market while the number of people dreaming to establish an e-commerce business has no sign of going down. You might be overwhelmed because of seeking an ideal product to sell in 2021, so let’s the following guidance support you to turn dreams into reality.

Health and beauty products

Teeth whitening strips

“Smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”. Bonus, with the development of social networking sites, humans are spending more time in front of the camera and gradually aware that a sparkling smile is essential. That’s why teeth whitening strips are absolutely a potential product in 2021.

Nail arts

Fake nails or fashion nails have been proved to be a brand-new growth on Google trends, at the same time, “Nail” or “nail art” has been tagged in millions of public Instagram posts. That’s why nail extensions and nail products could be a fresh sales option for your store.


1. Humidifier is essential for modern lives.jpg

Humidifier is essential for modern lives

Humidifier therapy is a great choice to moisten the air, prevent dryness that can lead to irritation of the body and even ease the flu or common cold symptoms. Additionally, the humidifier can be used as an interior. If you are working on a health product or home interior, humidifiers will be a new winning niche to sell in 2021.

Home gym equipment

2. Example of home gym equipment.png

Another niche for dropshipping businesses. Home workout is blowing up in the context of the global pandemic. You can widen your business with kettlebells, bikes, billiard tables or resistance bands. Moreover, you can strengthen your store's trustworthiness by sharing workout videos and meal preparation to keep fit.

Seat cushion

It sounds weird but in fact, needed. This product has been recommended by many doctors as a solution for lower back pain, tailbone or sciatica. If you are searching for a health equipment idea, a seat cushion will be not too risky to get familiar with the eCommerce market.


Solar-power product

3. Solar lamp.jpg

Solar lamp

This niche is pretty eco-friendly and functional. Solar chargers, solar lights or solar panels have been significantly famous during the last decades and still potential in 2021. Long life span, no additional batteries and no electric cost required, the solar-power product will do particularly well for modern lives.

Car phone holder

Using smartphones when driving can be inconvenient and not safe, therefore, car phone holders are a brilliant and prevalent solution to this universal problem.

Wireless charger

Such a flexible and useful product must be listed in the top products of your e-commerce store. The wireless charger is also located significantly high and tends to increase substantially on Google trends.


4. All-in-one tripod.jpg

With a smartphone, shooting videos and photos is no longer a dream. A multi-functioning tripod will be useful to create professional and aesthetic frames.


Baby clothes

This product is permanently in demand; even though it is not a hot niche for the new year, it is fundamental. In particular, instead of requesting your customers to bring your kids to clothing stores directly during the lock-down period, you can offer a wrong-size return policy to assure them when purchasing your products.


5. Seamless shapewear.jpg

Even this is not a real fashion item but can form a better shape for the body confidentially when dressing up. This item has many different kinds from a targeted shaping to an all-over smoothing body shaper, which can easily meet the requirements of all customers.


A normal but vital fashion item! Their position on Google trends is not high but they have seasonal spikes. Sunglasses are, originally, pretty affordable and versatile, therefore drop-ship business will be suitable to increase revenue.

Printed socks

Socks have become more of a fashion statement recently. You can allow your customers to select things printed on the socks or make your own designs and offer those. Stylish and matchless!

Or take advantage of the holidays like Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving to create your brand’s special collections that defeat the competitors.

House exterior and interior

Garden accessories

6. Garden accessories.jpg

Traveling is temporarily put on hold and people tend to enjoy holidays around their home. Decorating a garden will be a good family activity during the boring lock-down time.

Outdoor kitchens

A perfect garden must be equipped with outdoor kitchens. This is not only an inspiring extension for interior living space but also the epitome of high-class weekend events. Outdoor kitchens are more appealing for dropship Shopify than the others.


This niche shows a stable trend on Google trend from 2011. Online meetings and online classes are more popular than ever before. Decorating the background of your customer’s Zoom meeting by a cozy and stylish ladder bookshelf is not a bad choice at all.

Sofa cover

7. Sofa cover.jpg

A new sofa cover will refresh the vibe of the living room and simultaneously protect furniture from dust and rough usage.


Pet supplies

Pet product industries are predicted to stand out in 2021 by the U.S Pet Market Outlook 2020-2021. You can consider the most unique products of last year to make your own decision for 2021, such as beds, food, toys, treats or toiletries.

Kid tent

8. Kid play tent.jpg

A little world of fun and imagination under a lovely foldable tent is the dream of many kids. The ready-made kid’s tents will be a beautiful business idea for those desiring to get into children’s toys markets.

Phone cases

New smartphones come out almost every month, although there is no new wave, demand for a shining and exceptional case is still high. Offering a case design out of the ordinary can totally draw customer's attention and increase sales profit.

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