21 best Shopify themes to use in 2021

21 best Shopify themes to use in 2021


Almost everyone is in favor of beauty. If something is visually appealing and catches a person’s eyes, he or she tends to like it even if they had no information about that thing. The same goes for your eCommerce website. A beautiful and attractive layout will create good impressions on viewers, therefore enhance the number of customers and raise your traffic and sales.

Check the list below to discover 21 best-selling themes in 2021!


1. Avone.jpg

With over 1000 theme options, Avone could satisfy your needs no matter what the design you have in mind is. Moreover, it includes every eCommerce feature without adding another coding customization.

Avone is chosen as the 2020’s Best Rated and Best Seller Item on Themeforest.


2. Belle.jpg

Bella is convenient, multifunctional and has beautifully designed store templates. However, the most interesting thing about this Shopify theme is its notification of real-time sales at the bottom of the screen. By that, users would know other people have just bought the product they are seeing, urging them to add the product to their cart more.


3. Doni.jpg

Paying attention to fashion products, Doni seems to be stylish yet a little bit simpler than the others. Its irresistible attractions include the integration of many eCommerce apps, the limitless color choice and Google font, the variety of currency and the review part from buyers.


4. Editorial.png

Editorial arouses a dreamy and romantic feeling. It is designed for those who want to tell stories about their brands. By connecting products with narrative content, your buyers could have a closer look at all kinds of goods in your shop.


5. Ella.png

If you prioritize aesthetics and would like your website to be as artistic as possible, Ella is a must for you. Its innumerable color combos make products more alluring and charming; and its various templates allow users to make every structure they like, therefore suitable for any kind of business. Bear in mind that its product pages and homepage layouts are optimizable for mobiles as well.


6. Flow.png

The design of Flow seems to be minimalist and user-friendly with a slide-out cart - meaning that products could be added without customers’ leaving the current page. It also contains promotional banners beside a collection page sidebar.


7. Fastor.png

One thing you should know about Fastor is that it earned the Best Selling Shopify theme award in 2019 on Themeforest. Being a multifunctional Shopify theme with nearly 100 demo content options, it’s easy to understand the reason why Fastor can occupy the position like it does today.


8. Flex.png

Flex is a good name and also expresses the advantage of this premium theme: flexibility. There is no limit to the customers as Flex offers a large number of layouts, 13 different styles and the CSS function ready in use.


9. Galleria.jpg

Galleria is another premium Shopify theme but it focuses on the product image. Besides, it fulfills your expectation about an advanced theme with the product filter, video assistance, mega menus and so on. Galleria also possesses three presets: Empire, Boutique and Showroom, depending on you are a small start-up or an enormous business empire.


10. Gravity.jpg

Specifically made for users who adore dark themes, Gravity also yields to the demand of page speed with the quickness in loading time and the greatest in performance.


11. Icon.png

If your emphasis is the image, then Icon is the right theme for you. Its slideshow feature and optimization for high-quality images provide customers with the best visual of your products. This will lead to a boost in your sales since good visuals usually leave viewers with a more favorable impression.


12. Kodo.png

“Less is more” is a perfect description of this theme. Kudo’s clean elements make designing easier for users, especially for ones who have never tried an eCommerce website before.

In the meanwhile, it still maintains impressive functions such as sticky menus, off-canvas cart, newsletter integration or product zoom.


13. Lena.png

Lena welcomes every kind of eCommerce store. The benefits of using this theme are 6 outstanding Homepage layouts, updated features, active designs and the quickness of installing Demo content.


14. Outsock.jpg

The overall feeling Outstock brings about is simple and relaxing, and it does not focus on one particular industry as well. Yet, it has one feature that helps it stand out from other competitors - the Look Book. This Look Book has the function of displaying how a product will be used, such as a model putting on the clothes or a chef using the latest microwave.

Now, who says simple is boring and lifeless?


15. Porto.png

Being a favorite in Themeforest for years, Porto has never stopped innovating itself to become much more excellent. With that fiercely competitive attitude, there is nothing that could cross out Porto from the users’ list in 2021.


16. Shella.png

Shella can act well on any kind of business website. Nevertheless, the feature that distinguishes Shella from its counterparts is the opportunity to create your design. The demos are already wonderful, but you still can modify them on your own or improve the themes with CSS code. A great tool for a creative and ingenious mind!


17. Split.png

Somehow similar to Galleria, Split also allows large, high-quality images and includes three styles, from a simple and clean view to a flashy and multicolored one. Almost everyone could choose an appropriate design for them in Split.


18. Roxxe.png

Roxxe is another versatile Shopify theme which fits every industry. No matter what kind of business you are operating - a classic clothes company or a small niche in the market, there are always tons of choices for you.

Roxxe offers pretty much intriguing features, such as the combination of many theme skins, a fast notification bar application or a countdown timer operated by Ultimate Sales Boost app.


19. Universe.png

Universe could work well with both small and large scale entrepreneurs. Moreover, Universe is perfectly active not only on laptops but also in mobiles and other electronic devices. Quick loading times is a plus of the theme, assuring that the viewers won’t be tired of waiting and delete your website from their browsing history.


20. Wokiee.jpg

Wokiee includes more than 70 layouts that could catch your eyes just at first glance. In addition to that, the theme also contains several key features like effective filters, product demonstrations, product classification and an appealingly designed shopping cart.


21. Yanka.png

We would like to end the list with a fashion-focused Shopify theme - Yanka. Its secret weapon is Oberlo integration, allowing customers to add the variant of products based on material, size and color. This can be applied to all related items, even if it is just a quick view. How convenient it is, right?

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