4 SEO tips that can drive more traffic to your B2B website in 2021

4 SEO tips that can drive more traffic to your B2B website in 2021


Most people might think that SEO is about optimizing a website's rank on Google as well as other search engines. However, B2B SEO might differ in technicalities and purpose. It is not just about rank but about the quantity and quality of organic traffic driven to your B2B website. This article will provide you with six SEO tips to drive more traffic to your B2B site in 2021.

Keyword research

1. The fundamentals of SEO Keyword research.png

The fundamentals of SEO: Keyword research

Carrying out proper keyword research is fundamental for any B2B SEO strategy since driving traffic to B2B websites is mainly about optimizing content to rank for keywords. The principles you must consider to apply when running keyword research:

  • Relevant and popular to the customers: you can monitor monthly search volume to select the appropriate keywords for your B2B website.
  • Related to your brand/product/service: some keywords might be favorite to the customers but not to your brand or products. Ensure that the picked keywords can match both the customer's taste and your offerings.

Generate content

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No matter how much you invest in optimization, low-quality content will never save the rank of your website. While B2B website SEO is all about content, this reality will negatively drive your business. High-quality and related content will have a better rank despite no specific SEO optimization. Search the target keyword on Google, the pages with the highest ranks will be your competitors, now, you must develop content outweighing theirs with a clear structure and proper information.

On-site technical optimizations

3. Technical optimization.png

Technical optimization

Google reveals that over 50% of audiences will quit if the page loading takes more than 3 seconds. Now, this bounce rate becomes a crucial ranking factor among general SEO stuff.

In order to reduce the bounce rate, remember to optimize the page loading time is essential to attract new audiences. Additionally, smoothly working and responding on a mobile phone are required since all visitors access your website by mobile devices.

Link building

4. Link building guide.jpg

Link building guide

Inbound links and backlinks have a very important role in B2B SEO. Both quality and quantity of link building must be utilized. You cannot rely on poor-quality backlinks or omit link hooks in your writing. Even though your content is well prepared, it could go nowhere if there is no proper promotion. Utilizing all marketing channels such as outreach, social channels, and other means can build your backlinks as well as promote your content.

B2B business targeting the market with broader audiences than just newlyweds. Additionally, B2B customers pay a lot more than the regular ones, that’s why your SEO activities and contents of B2B business require more strategic investment.

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