4 ways to increase conversion rates with copywriting

4 ways to increase conversion rates with copywriting


How could your online store capture the audience’s attention among innumerable competitors? Many people will immediately think of wonderful designs and layout, but there still exists another surprisingly powerful tool - copywriting. In this article, we would like to give you 4 tips to get a better copy, which surely results in greater conversion rates.

Correct Format

According to a Nielsen study, readers usually read a website in an F-shape pattern. Their beginning point will be the top left, moving to the right and after that scan the whole content left.

Correct Format.png

This is why we recommend these tips for you:

  • Put the most essential information in the first few paragraphs
  • Use a two-column layout with the product image on the left and the product information on the right
  • Make use of bullet points
  • Use keywords

Target Personas

Based on the data, classify the customers into 4 persona types so that you could have a suitable writing method to persuade each group successfully. These 4 types include:

The Logical Persona: Accounting for 40 - 45% of the audience, this group is logical and pays attention to the very minor detail. They even spend hours scrutinizing and comparing your shop and your competitors before adding items to the shopping cart. Therefore, you need to focus on the features, say “no” to the ambiguous language, and try to describe every detail of the products as much as possible.

The Impetuous Persona: 30-35% of the audience are impulsive and willing to risk. They tend to decide everything quickly and benefit is on the top of their priority list. If you are serving this kind of audience, emphasize the products’ benefits, utilize images and powerful words, and try to make up some stories related to what you are selling.

Target Personas.png
  • The Kind Persona: 15-20% of the audience falls into this group. They show a deep concern for the well-being and benefits of not only them but of other people as well. Therefore, a good copy should highlight how your products are good for the environment and society; and you should also care for the “About Us” and “Mission Statement” page.
  • The Assertive Persona: Accounting for such a small number (5-7%), the assertive group contains people who are rational and have high integrity. A good tactic is to write about how the products will help him/ her, mention something about the heritage and history of the brand, and mention the technology which is applied as well.

Power Words

Power words have a considerable influence on our emotions. It is rare for power words to appear in our normal talk, so their existence in an eCommerce copy will stand out a lot and therefore create strong impressions on the audience. If you know how to take advantage of power words; your copywriting, instead of a tedious product description, will become much more interesting and emotional.

Some power words you could use in your writing are: breathtaking, cheap, controversial, defying, epic, eye-opening, economical, forbidden, fearless, jaw-dropping, little-known, mind-blowing, provocative, risk-free, thrilling, unauthorized, verified, wonderful, and so on...

Action Words

As the name suggests, action words make people act immediately. Besides, including these words allows content to be more energetic and alive. However, it’s not good to stuff your writing with continual action words. Use them sparsely so that we could take full advantage of this weapon.

Some examples of action words are: add, buy, catch, choose, exude, hurry, jump, push, take, try, taste, test, understand, and so on...

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