5 best conversion tactics for low-traffic websites

5 best conversion tactics for low-traffic websites


Your e-commerce store will never flourish sales if the flow of customers is fluctuating as well as conversion cannot be driven by call-to-action without steady website traffic. If you are struggling to boost a low-traffic website and desiring to revamp landing pages, the following conversion tactics will definitely boost your site’s performance and drive organic traffic over time.

#1: Site design

Poor site design might be one of the causes that website traffic is not highly converted. Properly, your header images are filled with a variety of content and distract audiences from the key point or your website layout is too messy and unfocused. Whatever the situation might be, you need to take your website design into serious consideration to find what you can change to improve.

1. Clean website design will ease searching process.jpg

Clean website design will ease the searching process

Determine what content portion can be replaced with visual components, reduce bounce rate with high-quality images and readable contents.

#2: Testimonial

Your customers are always overwhelmed by the similar products offered in different stores with competitive prices. Positive comments and experiences from your customers can assure that your products surpass the rival’s ones.

2. Apply user-generated contents to boost conversion.png

Apply user-generated contents to boost conversion

Even the negative user-generated contents are useful, they are there to show that your store is not hiding anything from your audiences, furthermore, your response to these reviews can reassure that your brand always attempts to improve the products and satisfy customer’s requirements.

#3: Advertising

3. Facebook Ads.png

Facebook Ads

Another tip to drive traffic and boost conversion is by displaying advertisements or ads. You can study the unique characteristics of your fellow customers and then target people who share similar interests to see your ads. Your website’s link can be inserted in Stories or posts on major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to direct visitors to your website.

#4: Search engine optimization

4. Example of suggested keywords on Wordtracker.jpg

Example of suggested keywords on Wordtracker

Optimizing search engines is essential to not only low-traffic websites but also flourishing websites, at the moment, you might be satisfied with the current traffic, but sooner or later, you will need to grow. This process starts with content optimization, you can use some tools to gain the most excellent keywords such as Wordtracker, Google Ads or Keyword Generator, etc.

#5: Loading speed

5. Slow page loading time will increase bounce rate.jpg

Slow page loading time will increase bounce rate

Loading speed is the top reason for the high bounce rate. Your customers will be frustrated by the forever loading page, quickly change their mind and jump to other websites. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your website both on mobile and desktop.

The crucial rule in running an e-commerce store is to make sure that the audiences will have a pleasant time interacting with your website. Their wish is to buy their desired products, let them find their store immediately, instantly direct them to the landing page and finish their purchase with no hassle.

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