5 essential skills for launching an e-commerce successful startup

5 essential skills for launching an e-commerce successful startup

Startups or entrepreneurs have such an audacious dream that people might think you are crazy. And unfortunately, not all insane entrepreneurs can survive in this bustling world. If you don’t want to be a part of them, let’s skim this article to learn some specific skills for launching e-commerce successfully.

Curiosity and creativeness

1. Raise questions to foster curiosity and creativeness.jpg

Raise questions to foster curiosity and creativeness

There is one saying that “Curiosity is as important as intelligence and can be developed”. To be a successful startup, you must have curiosity about the customers, entrepreneur culture and more importantly your rivals. What is the customer’s problem that you can solve? What can you do to lead and inspire your teams? What can you learn from your rival? And more importantly, how can you be different from the rest? Being curious in a creative way will make your e-commerce business shine distinctively.


2. Build your resilience.jpg

Build your resilience

Your plan does not always go smoothly as you expected, your store engages few audiences, the traffic is unsatisfactory. Your business can flourish sometimes but it can be held back unpleasantly. All you need to do is to stay calm and focused, don’t give it up. The success will show up after dozens of failures. No one is born with luck and talent; you can create your own kingdom by resilience.

Cash-flow management

3. Effective cash management.jpg

Effective cash management

Cash flow is a considerable challenge to most e-commerce startups, and some fail due to poor cash-flow management skills. Well, cash is the most important element, cash is the king! Effectively control cash flow will secure your finance and form bases for stable development. As an e-commerce startup, you should prepare a finance plan carefully summarizing product prices, shipping fee, inventory fee, return portion, unexpected expense and many others.

Effective communication

4. Effective communication.jpg

Effective communication

You must have known Steve Jobs who is praised as one of the best entrepreneurs with excellent communication skills. In fact, you will create thousands of conversations daily, you talk to your employee, you negotiate or support your customers and potential customers, it can be face-to-face discussion or just a virtual message however they have an important role in contributing to your business goals. Effective communication also involves listening. You might verbally encourage and motivate your staff in working and listen to their ideas and criticism to complete your business plan.

Basic IT skills

5. Basic computer skill.jpg

Basic computer skill

There are thousands of e-commerce platforms that do not require any coding knowledge, you can create your store with Shopify, WooCommerce or WordPress. These platforms offer apps with all kinds of functions, from accounting, tax, inventory to shipping control. But don’t 100% rely on them! Prepare for yourself some basic IT skills to deal with urgent situations rather than waiting for customer services.

Well, these are the top 5 fundamental skills that can save you from labeling yourself as a failed startup. Don’t hesitate to apply to make your success skyrocket!

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