5 Shopify apps to calculate your profit

5 Shopify apps to calculate your profit


Running an e-commerce business or a Shopify store involves many works, searching for niches, preparing business plans and then selling the items, etc. After all efforts, profit is the most critical concern of every merchant; this article suggests the most functional profit calculation apps on Shopify App Store that proficiently track any expense and even the expense you might never ever think of.

Lifetimely: Profit & LTV

1. High accuracy in calculating profit.png

High accuracy in calculating profit

Lifetimely is the first candidate in the contests of the best profit calculation apps on Shopify. Three outstanding features of Lifetimely are Profit Dashboard, Lifetime Value and Customer Understanding. It can help merchants to track all critical cost information including COGS (cost of goods sold), sales data, shipping cost and advertising fee. Additionally, you can have insight into the value that each collection or discount program creates and lifetime value and accurate data of customer behaviors over time. There are two plans – basic ($19/month) and pro ($49/month).

Accountify: Real-Time Profit

2. Know your profit in real time with Accountify.jpg

Know your profit in real time with Accountify

Accountify is a free profit calculation app that is highly complimented for its accuracy and speed of analyzing profit. Your expense will be divided into three categories: Cost of Sales, Ad Spend and Overhead. Cost of Sales is about the expense on a product, shipping and transaction, Ad Spend is your Facebook advertising cost while the Overhead includes other costs. More interestingly, you can find out the products or collections which bring higher revenue and profit.

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

3. BeProfit Profit Calc _ Reports.png

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

Similar to the two above apps, BeProfit can function well in reflecting expenses for marketing, products, shipping or advertising. The highlight of this app is that you can integrate with plenty of major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram and many more. In addition to the expense calculation and analyses, BeProfit can help you to track the order status of your Shopify store. BeProfit offers three plans from Free to Pro with a 14-day free trial.

Conversific Store Analytics

5. Calculate your profit with Profit Calc.png4. Executive report of Conversific.png

Executive report of Conversific

A bunch of statistics that probably help you to understand and control your Shopify store’s finance efficiently is totally available with Conversific Store Analytics. Profit Analytics, Google Analytics, Reports on Product or Marketing & Conversion and many other data will be packed together and come directly to you. You have more choices over plans available on Conversific, Free Plan (Free), Business Plan ($29/month), Growth Plan ($79/month) and Scale Plan ($199/month).

Profit Calc: Profit Dashboard

5. Calculate your profit with Profit Calc.png

Calculate your profit with Profit Calc

Profit Calc is the top app for dropshipping merchants. You can integrate with AliExpress and CJ dropshipping, sync order information and COGS easily by Profit Calc, then Profit Calc will act as your ideal expense calculator for even the extra or unexpected cost. If your product’s prices include VAT, Profit Calc will automatically deduct VAT and show you the financial metrics.

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