5 Tips To Achieve Customer Loyalty

5 Tips To Achieve Customer Loyalty


We all get used to the term “customer loyalty” or “customer retention”. We have also known some tips to get customers to come back to our store.

If you are still interested in this issue, don’t miss out on this article as we’ll give you other five tips to achieve customer loyalty. Check it below!

1. State Your Values

Customers care about shared values more than you can imagine - 64% of shoppers consider it as one of the most important factors when choosing a brand.

One way to do that is by utilizing the About Us page. Besides products, many people find brand stories captivating and emotionally attractive. Some even see themselves in those stories, just like many artisans feel empathetic after reading stories of Yellow Leaf Hammocks

1. Brand Stories Of Yellow Leaf Hammocks.png

2. Be Honest And Straightforward

If you want to gain customers’ trust, there is no better way than to deliver products with expected quality. It would be a nightmare for everyone to receive items that are totally different from images and descriptions, so you should take product photos as close to reality as possible and describe the smallest details such as color range, price, or availability…

Take Everlane as an example. Their photos seem natural and aren’t edited too much, not to mention the description with excellent wording: 

2. Excellent Product Photos Of Everlane.png

3. Introduce Clear Policies

Many people look for the return and shipping policies before making a purchase, simply because they want their benefits to be guaranteed. They don’t know if the products fit them or not, or if there are some unexpected incidents to their packaging… In that situation, clear policies are things that make them feel more confident and secure.

3. Introduce Clear Shipping And Return Policies.png

In general, you should notice two things in your store’s policies:

  • Return Policy: Tell your customers in which situation they could return the products and get a refund, for example, when the products have mistakes or when you ship the wrong color or size…

  • Shipping Information: Clarify the shipping prices, estimated time, and tracking information. Tell them what you could do if their orders get lost, or if the items don’t reach them on the scheduled day.

4. Provide Enthusiastic Customer Support

A visitor wants to know more about products, another wants to complain about the orders, or someone doesn’t know how to set their address in the checkout - no matter how trivial the problems are, try to give your customers the answer as soon as possible. If you need more time to find solutions, kindly ask them to wait and they will appreciate your effort to solve the problem.

4. Provide Enthusiastic Customer Support.jpg

However, their patience only lasts for a maximum of one day. After that, they might rate you one star instead of waiting for the answer. 

5. Collect Feedback

Customer feedback is useful in two ways: it shows your existing weaknesses, and it also demonstrates your special care for customers.

To collect feedback more easily, make it simple and quick to complete. For example, Amazon only asks their customers to rate the number of stars, and if there exists any problem, contact their customer support team: 

5. Amazon-s Simple Feedback.png

If you get negative feedback, learn from it and try to find solutions. For a positive one, focus on that strength to achieve better results for your store. 

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