6 best apps for your Shopify store

6 best apps for your Shopify store


Are you running a Shopify store and looking for the best apps for your eCommerce store? In addition to a stunning Shopify theme, competent marketing program and excellent products, an app to deeply understand your site’s performance is essential. This blog will recommend you the premium apps which are highly potential to increase your revenue and conversions of your Shopify store.

Pre-order Manager

1. Pre-order Manager for Shopify store.jpg

Pre-order Manager for Shopify store

This app works best for the out-of-stock situation by allowing shoppers to take pre-orders for products. Simultaneously, Pre-order Manager can be a useful tool to boost overall sales when you run a discount campaign for pre-order and pre-paid items. Pre-order and Notify buttons are included automatically to the out-of-stock items. And certainly, this app is not competent if your customer is in a hurry to have the products delivered.


2. Firepush app to stay in contact with customers.png

Firepush app to stay in contact with customers

Firepush is the best option to keep in contact with your customers. You can send discount codes, promotional messages or reminders of abandoned carts to the shoppers by web push, notifications, SMS or email. Other information such as delivery updates, welcome messages, order confirmations, etc is also available.


3. Metrilo app - combination of many features.jpg

Metrilo app - A combination of many features

This app is a perfect combination of email, customer retention, CRM and e-commerce analytics; monitoring all activities on your Shopify site will be less complicated. Metrilo outstanding features: discount campaign performance, revenue breakdown, report on traffic sources or insight of individual shopping behaviors, etc.


4. Autocommerce app.jpg

AutoCommerce app presents the best selling products

This app aims at product recommendations which is a very popular feature of Amazon. AutoCommerce provides Amazon-like features to your Shopify store, offering an efficient product referral system and smart recommendations for customers. And also, this app is free, with no reason to refuse such a great deal!

SEO Manager

5. SEO Manager dashboard.png

SEO Manager dashboard

The utmost desired app for your Shopify store must be SEO Manager. This app offers about 20 features, which are pretty unique and useful to your Shopify store such as keyword suggestions, keywords field, titles and description editing, advanced meta setting, etc. SEO Manager app helps you to scan your Shopify site periodically to seek for potential optimization points and enhance your sitemap and enables you to access SEO metadata to edit and optimize your SEO campaign.


6. KIT - official Facebook partner for small business.png

KIT - official Facebook partner for small business

Kit enables you to run and manage Facebook and Instagram advertising and marketing easily since it is the official Facebook marketing partner for small businesses. Kit can work effectively for Shopify sites and coordinate with other Shopify apps. This app is featured with individual responses to encourage further purchase, generate promotion and discount codes to your former customers and provide prompt reports on sales and marketing activities.

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