6 improvements to boost your e-commerce store in 2021

6 improvements to boost your e-commerce store in 2021


Shopping habits of customers in 2021 witness vast change because of the advanced technology, e-commerce becomes the top business with rapid growing speed. And in the context of the striking and drastic COVID-19 pandemic, the e-commerce business is still a promising and blessing option to start up.

Optimize shipping

1. Spend less on shipping.jpg

Spend less on shipping

Don’t overspend on logistics, minimize unnecessary costs can absolutely save your margins. Locating warehouses around the country to reduce the delivery time and distance to the customers. At the same time, try to reduce the dimension and weight of your packaging, so your customers don’t need to pay for the shipping fee of empty space.

AI chatbots

2. Utilize AI chatbots.jpg

Utilize AI chatbots

AI chatbots have been used popularly in recent years. AI chatbots can work day and night so you can eliminate the concern of missing customers due to different time zones. You can set not only FAQs but also insert more personalized questions about shopping carts, defective products or inventory situations.

Instagram shopping

3. Connect with Instagram.png

Connect with Instagram

With about 500 million users, Instagram is an open commercial stream for your e-commerce business. Answering comments, periodically posting, adding shoppable posts and many more can drive traffic and explore new business corners as well as engage potential customers.


4. Promote your product on TikTok.jpg

Promote your product on TikTok

TikTok has about 1 billion users around the world, such a prosperous land to invest in. You might feel tough to sell on this video, however, you’ll be surprised at this generous algorithm compared to other social media sites. One benefit of TikTok is that your content can become viral no matter how many followers you have; you will be equal to the powerful accounts in engaging more views and audiences.

360 product photography

5. Advanced AR video.jpg

Advanced AR video

360 or AR or VR product photography can shorten the gap between your products and shoppers. AR or VR can be an expensive choice for small businesses but not for B2C businesses. Large scale businesses that aim at the modern and leading technology can invest in this visualization option pioneering their products. 360 degree sounds like an affordable choice for medium and small businesses, the photos can be a real pop with economic price.

Loyalty game

6. Reward your customers with coupon codes.jpg

Reward your customers with coupon codes

Basic but constructive suggestions to improve your business operation method. Promotion on social media or modern technology might hide some potential risks, however, rewarding the existing customers like sending discount codes or special coupons for members only will bring up positive interaction. Furthermore, if you charge an annual membership fee, you can indirectly return them by free shipping or priority access to new item rollout.

Despite what products you plan to sell, or improvements you will apply in 2021, we hope that these tactics can help you to not only survive but only flourish your e-commerce store.

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