6 Most Effective Ways to Reach Customers for Your Store

6 Most Effective Ways to Reach Customers for Your Store

How to reach potential customers effectively? How do customers know and find your business easily? These are some difficult questions of businesses. Especially for a small business, it is not feasible to spend a large budget on marketing activities to reach customers. You always have to struggle with the question of how to reach potential customers without affecting and breaking your budget. Today, I will introduce to you the most effective methods of reaching customers.

1. Reach customers through social networking sites

Almost any store has built its own multi-channel business strategy, popular among them are Facebook, Instagram,... These are considered places to connect friends with a huge scope.

Use a search engine to find keywords related to your business. Continue to click on the number of likes (likes) of the page, you will know the specific information of people who are interested in this product or item. From there, analyze and filter out the most potential customers with needs and make them your target customers.


You can also leverage your relationship with your friends by tagging (tagging) them in your posts with public mode, so their friends will also see these products, and they will contact you if there is really a need. Finding customers in this way is also considered extremely effective.

2. Reach customers by phone

This can be seen as a way to attract customers with the lowest cost, the most economical, you don't have to spend money on gas to drive to customers, don't have to spend money on catalog printing, don't have to lose samples when unsure, which is as effective as direct selling.

Consulting customers over the phone will also easily solve the situation better, because the shortcomings can be fixed thanks to the brochure right next to us, if the customer is online on the computer, you can direct them to the sales website to view the product according to your instructions.

The downside of this approach is that the customer and you do not meet face-to-face, your phone calls may be ignored by them, and buyers are often wary of strange phone calls. Therefore, the way you communicate with your salespeople over the phone must be really attractive, interesting with benefits for them, the voice of the phone salesperson must also be sweet, inspiring, and gentle. 

3. Build a group, a forum

This is a place for people who want to exchange knowledge related to your products, whether they are closely related or distantly related, you should also include them in the forum to increase the number of exposures, show Forum is registered and owned by you, of course you have the right to promote and communicate your products and goods. This is a very effective way in today's technological age.

Build a group.jpg

The more people visit to discuss the topics on the forum, the more widely our products are covered, both small and large customers have them, this is a model that is not easy to achieve. When you implement it, you need to study more about how to develop it. A lot of people fail in this strategy, but when they do, the results are great.

4. Approach customers and acquaintances

In life, everyone certainly has acquaintances, old classmates, acquaintances of acquaintances, friends of friends, colleagues from the same company, ... This is a practical customer group that you can mine. The goods you provide quality plus the trust due to acquaintance, there is no reason why they would not choose to use.

Using the relationship of relatives and friends to sell is a good way of thinking because even when you fail or succeed in business, they are always supportive and want to help you. This is completely different from strange customers, they will ignore you, no matter how much money you lose and lose or billions of profit, they don't care

5. PR

Pr is a category in communication, it has a great influence and lasts much longer than advertising. Doing pr to reach buyers is what we do for agencies such as newspapers, reporters, Business certification bodies, business associations, state regulatory agencies speak well of us.

For example, if you are trading in clean vegetables, then the unit that will check you is a plant safety inspection agency, if you do a good job of PR, they will praise your brand and products, Just being commended or rewarded by such a prestigious agency, you will have a very solid and long-term position in the market.


Or as in the case of a press agency, a certain newspaper finds that our products are really good and useful for the community, they will come to you to write articles in the newspaper, and there will be millions of people. People can see our products, that's the power of PR communication, but with the condition that it is PR in the true sense of PR, not manipulated or used by evil elements to influence PR. By doing so, we are harming ourselves, sooner or later the product will be eliminated from the market.

6. Maintain relationships with customers

Great customer service creates loyal customers. Those are the people who are willing to recommend your business to friends, family and colleagues – your potential customers in the future. Therefore, investing in customer relationships is always an investment that never loses.

To provide good customer service, you need to know what you're selling, from the overview down to the most detailed. Make sure your staff can recommend and answer customer questions about products smoothly and professionally. A clear presentation will make your customers happier and more confident about your business.

Start a conversation with a customer with a smile. When you face customers, a warm greeting will be the first thing your customers see when they ask for help. Even when handling customer service requests over the phone, a smile may appear in your voice. So make sure you stay friendly every time you talk to your customers.

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