6 Unique Marketing Ideas to Help Your Store Increase Sales on International Women's Day

6 Unique Marketing Ideas to Help Your Store Increase Sales on International Women's Day

International Women's Day March 8, a special occasion for men to express their love and gratitude with meaningful gifts for their women. Online sellers and small business also do not miss this opportunity to impress customers with advertising campaigns or special promotions.

If you are still looking for a marketing idea for your store on the occasion of International Women's Day, the following article is for you.

1. Direct discounts on products

“Old but gold” - This is the most accurate phrase to describe this tactic on International Women's Day. Although it has been around for a long time and is used by many brands, it still shows effectiveness in stimulating customers to make a buying decision. 

This tactic is especially effective with FMCG products such as clothing, accessories, toys, food, etc. Because the consumers of these products are very price sensitive and often not too average. with a fixed brand. If you offer a good product combined with a suitable discount program, it is very likely that you will gain the trust and purchase of your visitors.

You can reduce the profit margin of the products on this occasion to increase sales. Balance your initial investment costs and business maintenance costs so that you can offer 10%, 20%, 30% off... for your store's products on the occasion of International Women's Day.


2. Free gift with order

What makes International Women's Day different from other days and is expected by women? The answer is that on this day, the sisters will be honored by the whole world and also receive meaningful wishes and gifts. Women love to receive gifts, so you can also consider adding small gifts with every order purchased by women on March 8.


That gift can be: a voucher for the next purchase, a small flower, a thank you card, a movie ticket,... The value of the gift is not necessarily too great, but the important thing is they make sense. You should take some time to learn about your target customers to get a clear understanding of who they are? What do they care about? What can make them excited and satisfied? Only when you truly understand your customers can your campaign touch their hearts.

3. Decorate your store with beautiful effects

When customers visit the first thing that impresses them is the look of the store. A beautiful interface with eye-catching applications will give customers a good impression, keep them in the store longer and increase the purchase rate.

With International Women's Day, you can decorate your store with decorative effects such as flowers, balloons, hearts,... of holidays. With the shopify app store decorator now you can easily add apps to your store without having to edit the store theme. Some of the top effects applications you can refer to:

Super Effects

Snowfall Effect Plus

Quick Holiday Effects


4. Advertising on social networks

Today, running ads on social networks is no longer strange to users. From small online business stores, to big brands, all have been using social media advertising, especially Facebook and Youtube. A successful social media advertising campaign will help your store attract the attention of a large number of target customers in a short time and increase revenue quickly.


Two things you need to really care about to ensure a successful campaign is that you need to understand your customers, know who are the most likely to buy in order to set up accurate targeting for the campaign. The second thing is creativity when writing advertising content, which needs to create a prominent difference for the product compared to other competitors in the market. One day, customers see a lot of ads of different brands, if your ad is nothing special, it is easy to be skimmed and not bring the desired results.

5. Email Marketing

Email is also an effective channel to convey information and promotions to the store's target aucedien. A well-invested marketing campaign can help your store get more customers and increase sales.

Popular products on this International Women's Day 8/3 can be gifts such as flowers, chocolates, souvenirs, cosmetics... If you want to emphasize the youth segment, hit it hard. into entertainment services, restaurants.. Therefore, the email content you build to send to customers must mention products/services related to the above fields. Surely this will help you attract a lot of customers' attention and order is only a matter of time!


The right time that we should send emails to customers is in the last days of February and the first week of March. This is the time near this big holiday, so the ability to attract customers to buy will be high. more because everyone wants to have more time to prepare the most thoughtful gifts for their beautiful half of the world.

6. Customers care and remarketing

Besides trying to find new customers, taking care of old customers and remarketing those who have not yet completed transactions is also an effective method that you can implement. 

You can offer policies such as: loyalty, incentive program, or strategic partner (if companies) and the potential is enough. This is one of the special old customer care strategies and plans that many businesses are aiming for. 


Maintaining relationships with loyal customers is an opportunity to increase interaction with businesses. To maintain and implement old customer care over the phone, you should implement some simple methods such as: sending old customer care messages, or calling periodically to make customers feel they are cared for. care after purchasing and using your product.

You sell a lot of products, so it is natural that customers do not remember all of your products. In order to take care of old customers effectively, you should help them better understand the products you have purchased, and at the same time suggest new products that have been launched so that customers have more choices.

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