7 Dropshipping Suppliers To Work With On Shopify

7 Dropshipping Suppliers To Work With On Shopify


After finding out the dropshipping niche you would like to sell, what you need to do next is searching for the most suitable dropshipping supplier for your e-commerce store.

While paying for supplier directories is a quick way to do that, you can also check this article for some trustworthy and reliable dropshipping suppliers on Shopify.



With the help of Oberlo, it will be easier for you to find AliExpress’s products for your Shopify store. The site provides you with 30,000+ best dropshipping products with over 60 niche categories from suppliers all over the world. Anything could be found here, from antiques, furniture to accessories, wedding supplies, and more…

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There are several shipping options for your customers to choose from, such as China Post, ePacket, UPS/ DHL/ FedEx, and AliExpress Shipping. As suppliers only have warehouses in particular locations, shipping time and the fee will vary based on the countries you target.

You can sign up Oberlo without charge, and the paid plans cost you $29.99/ month. Oberlo can work well with both amateur and professional dropshippers.



For a long time, SupplyMeDirect has been considered as one of the best private label dropshipping suppliers around the UK, European, and US marketplaces. Besides offering private labeling, the app also provides reliable sourcing to help you boost sales and sell products. Product type ranges from clothing to kitchen appliances, accessories to toys, and so on…

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One thing that makes SupplyMeDirect unique is its warehouse based in the UK, Europe, Canada, and America. Therefore, shipping is pretty fast and convenient, with the delivery time lasting from four to seven days.

SupplyMeDirect is a free Shopify app that is served by a 24/7 support team. It’s ideal for those who sell globally and would like quick shipping.

Nihao Dropshipping

If you're interested in droshipping fashion products, Nihao Dropshipping is not to be missed. They offer a variety of white label products including trendy jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bags, belts, hair accessories, women's clothing, phone cases, Korean stationery, and more.



Nihao also offers custom packaging to promote your brand. They won't let consumers know you are selling dropshipping products. This free dropshipping app helps you complete the process from product sourcing to order fulfillment. Nihao also works with UPS, Dhgate and multiple logistics providers to ship worldwide.



CROV helps you connect to more than 35,000 items in 20+ trending categories from US suppliers. This free app can populate your store with products and automating orders.

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Thanks to a US warehouse in the US, domestic orders could be shipped within a pretty short time. For international orders, CROV shipping is accessible in 42 countries, with different shipping fees based on suppliers and shipping methods. For more information, look for the product detail page in the directory.

CROV is best for multi-channel sellers, those who want to sell unique products on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.



Famous for its fast shipping, CJDropshipping allows retailers to scale dropshipping businesses in an economical way. Because products here are sourced directly from Taobao and 1688, you can import them to your Shopify store at a very reasonable price. The app offers various kinds of items, from mainstream to hard-to-find products, and even virtual ones. If the product you want doesn’t exist in CJDropshipping, put it in a request and the platform will find the best source for you.

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CJDropshipping co-operates with USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and utilizes warehouses in the US to perform same-day processing for your online store. For products shipping from China, CJDropshipping will provide its shipping line called CJPacket to ship products to the US within 7-12 days.

This free app is recommended for those who would like a one-stop place for every dropshipping; from product sourcing, order processing to fulfillment, and shipping to the USA.



Regarded as the best dropshipping supplier for US apparel, Modalyst offers items from famous brands like DSquare, Calvin Klein, D&G, and other names that fashion lovers would like to buy. Besides, it also has a list of independent brands for audiences of all kinds of ages. Choosing this platform means that you have gained official access to the AliExpress Booster Program and a countless catalog of products.


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Modalyst has already had its marketplace of US, UK, and Australian brands, so domestic orders only take 6-8 days to complete. Apart from Africa and South America, businesses can ship to more than 80 countries around the world.

Modalyst is best recommended for those who want to sell unique products or even their own branding with the assistance of the Modalyst Private Label Program. If you update to the Pro plan, you can also use premium brand names that Madalyst offers.



Are you interested in selling beauty products from France? Then DropnShop is a good choice for you. The app will source inventory from trustworthy French factories, then take partners’ requests to branch out your product catalog and develop your e-commerce business. DropnShop offers tons of SKUs in various categories, such as kid toys or skincare products, all of which are 100% made in France.

6. DropnShop.png

With the connection to different suppliers, DropnShop provides worldwide shipping at an acceptable price. As each item includes different shipping information, you had better check the product detail page that the app offers.

DropnShop has an available free plan for you to try. If you want to add French products to your e-commerce store, I suggest you should give this app a shot.

For those who’re interested in expanding their dropshipping business into Alibaba, check out the article How To Start Dropshipping On Alibaba for the most detailed tutorial.


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