7 strategies for Instagram e-commerce success

7 strategies for Instagram e-commerce success


Instagram is a potent platform for e-commerce stores with thousands of possibilities to extend marketing and conversions. Research shows that 60% of users find their desired products on Instagram and purchase them. Here are 7 strategies that you can apply for the success of your e-commerce store.

Competitions and giveaways

This is the old and gold fashioned promotion that always effectively engages more audiences and followers. “$100 lipstick, brand-new shoes or anything you can offer will be rewarded to those tag five friends, like this post and share on their story”. Or you can hold a photo and review contest in which interesting or special photos and comments of your product will be posted in the comments or fed on individual accounts.

1. Example of Instagram competition.png

There are a thousand ways to grow your brand awareness by contests or giveaways, they can not only end up with more followers but probably work as user-generated content to breed trust also.


2. Hashtag to find new audience.png

The hashtag is a very powerful strategy to attract new customers. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags on a post, so prepare carefully, once done, you can save a lot of time on a daily basis. But keep in mind that trending hashtags should be updated promptly and overusing hashtags will not bring positive results.


3. Instagram Influencer Marketing.png

Using influencers can help you to build trust, raise awareness, reach your target audience and form a winning partnership. The influencers can form new relationships between your store and their fans, promote your content on their social media presence and ultimately reach new audiences.

Schedule content

4. Schedule Instagram post.png

This can ensure that the best content will be generated when you are in a creative mood. Yet, schedule content also saves you time in the long run. You can set a plan for monthly content and posts although you are not physically online. In case you use scheduled content for ads and promotions, your posts will be prepared in advance to assure that they are all sent out in a timely way.

Well-prepared bio

5. Well-prepare Instagram bio.png

Bio or store introduction is the most important element to heighten the first impression of the audience. Professional bio shall include a direct message to the customers, contact, address and a link to your website. A link to your website can help you to drive traffic and convert a social user into your customers.

Instagram Ads

6. Example of Instagram Ads.png

Instagram Ads enables customers to reach customers according to behaviors, interests and demographics with few dollars. You can choose to promote Story ads, Collection ads, Photo ads or Video ads and track the number of audiences interacting with these contents.

Behind the scene stories

7. Boost Instagram stories with behind-the-scene footage.jpg

More humanistic images updated in your stories will help to draw the attention of the audiences and connect with customers at a deeper level. You can maintain your store’s visibility in the follower’s feeds without bothering them.

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