8 best product labels to make your products social proved

8 best product labels to make your products social proved


Product labels are often easy to see and attract viewers’ attention because they are attached right to the product images. By displaying social proofs using product labels, you can inform shoppers about product popularity, product ratings and make sure they don't miss out on any pros of the products.

Here are 8 popular product badges to best show social proof.


This product badge will highlight your best-sellers among all products. Shoppers will be more likely to buy when they see the label. They know that these products are purchased most.


Deal of the day

If you're offering short deals on your Shopify store, you can draw attention to the deals by adding labels to product images. With the Super Watermarks app, adding the "Deal of the day" label is simple and easy without requiring any graphic skills. The 'Deal of the day' label informs shoppers of one-day-only deals that they shouldn't be overlooking. You will definitely increase your sales with such a label!


Limited edition

Customers seem like they want to own unique products that are not easy to see duplication, so they are often more interested in products containing "limited edition" labels. With a “limited edition” badge, shoppers are aware of the exclusivity of an item and are compelled to buy it.

limited edition.png

Most requested

Customers will know the products labeled "Most requested" are the most popular ones, to the point that even if they are sold out, these products are still in requirement of producing more.


New arrival

You need to draw customers' attention to new products, both to increase sales, and to show that your store is always on top of the trend and regularly has new products. In this case, the “New arrival” product badge is the best solution for you.


Only Today

There will be products that are suitable for sale only on some special days or products with a short shelf life that need to be quickly sold. You need to attach the “Only today” label on product images to inform your customers that they will almost never see those products again.


Trending now

If a product is being sold well for a few days, you can add a product label to notify customers of that product. The product badge "Trending now" tells shoppers how popular the product is and that it's gaining love from other shoppers.


Few left

The sticker "Few left" tells your customers that the quantity of the product is not many anymore. They'd better seize the opportunity to buy their favorite products now before they run out of stock.


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