8 Shopify Apps Make Your Store Stand Out And Higher Conversion on Valentine's Day

8 Shopify Apps Make Your Store Stand Out And Higher Conversion on Valentine's Day


Every year a special holiday for couples returns, there are many Shopify sellers looking for an opportunity to earn extra income on this occasion. Surely you are not an exception! In the article below, we will introduce you to the top 10 Shopify apps that will make your store ready to stand out and attract customers during the upcoming Valentine's Day.

1. Automatic Discounts & Gifts

Nothing can make customers more excited to shop around the holidays than receiving gifts or discounts when buying products at your store. So Automatic Discounts & Gifts application will be the perfect choice with extremely useful features such as:

  • Create rules, links, or codes triggering discounts based on the cart ($, qty) and who's buying (customer tag, past orders). Combine rules.

  • Automatically add a gift to the cart or allow customers to pick gifts within a selection of items. Upsells, Cross-sells, and BOGO in cart.

  • Build custom deals, more flexible than Shopify discounts: % off + gift, buy 2 for $8, 10% up to $100, 5% A + 9% B, cheapest item in cart.


2. Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Reviews are another factor that also greatly affects the purchasing decision of customers when they visit your store. A product that receives many good reviews from customers has much greater trust and persuasion than the store owner's recommendation of the product. With Ali Reviews app you can easily collect, display, and respond to customer reviews.

  • Collect reviews by sending customizable review requests via email and SMS, Reward customers with discounts for photo reviews, increase retention and repeat purchases esp in Valentine.

  • Share reviews on multiple social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to increase your presence and customer confidence

  • Reply to every review to boost engagement, loyalty, and trust


3. Super Effects: Valentine Boost

This is another app that helps you decorate your store with eye-catching effects for Valentine's Day. A well-decorated store will increase customer emotions, make them stay longer, and increase your store's conversion rate. Install the app today to experience amazing effects not only for Valentine's Day but for all holidays of the year.

  • 70+ eye-catching effects for all holiday seasons of the years

  • Can preview the effect on your store, compatible with your store's interface, regardless of whether your customers use computers, tablets or smartphones

  • No need for complicated editing on the theme, online stores can still stay up-to-date on all occasions of the year.


4. SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing

To attract customers to visit your store on Valentine's Day, it is definitely indispensable for SEO marketing campaigns. A successful SEO marketing campaign will help your store appear in high positions when customers search, increase the number of visitors and customers. With the app SEO Booster, you can

  • Get a higher SEO score from Google and improve ranking to reach potential customers and have more sales via organic search

  • Save your time, money, and effort from handling Google SEO issues with easy & autopilot features.

  • Fasten site speed to improve customer experience, making them stay longer on your site for better conversion


5. AllFetch SEO Image Compression

After attracting customers to visit your store, their subsequent experience will also greatly affect their purchase or not. Specifically, their experience includes website layout, product information, website theme, ... and especially page loading speed. According to research from Neilsen, about 46% of users will leave if a website has a page load speed of more than 3.5 seconds. 

However, do not worry too much about this problem as you can easily solve it by using the SEO Booster application.

  • Optimize meta tags, image alt text, sitemaps, JSON-LD, and much more for higher ranking.

  • Improve your website load time by compressing image files while retaining quality, giving your customers a smoother experience.

  • Save time & effort working on SEO issues. One-click set up & let your online store be automatically optimized based on Google best practice.


6. Product Widgets ‑ Buy Button

The Product Widgets is an app that provides Customize Product Order Form with regularly-updated beautiful palettes and fonts to match the style and colors of your brand, and then generate you an Embeds code that you can copy and paste it anywhere you want to show the product order form, eg Home page, Blog posts, Landing page, Thank you page, etc. Not only stop at Shopify, but you can also even Sell your products on other famous platforms like Wix, WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Magento, WooCommerce, Squarespace, etc.

This helps you increase the frequency of your products showing to customers, simplifying the buying process, thereby increasing the conversion rate for your store. With Product Widgets, you are able to: 

  • Use ready-made and diverse templates suitable for all industries to create your own Product Order Form with custom fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Select action for the Add to Cart button: Direct to checkout or Open product detail
  • Automatically update any changes on Shopify's product details page to the Product Order Form without editing the code on your website or blog

7. Help Center, Live Chat, FAQ Page

On Valentine's Day, the number of customers visiting your store may increase, leading to an increase in the number of customers contacting for advice. If you can solve and advise customers in a short time, it can increase their purchase rate. And customers who have purchased with product questions that are quickly answered and supported will also easily leave you a good review and recommend it to their friends.

That's why we introduce to you the "Help Center, Live Chat, FAQ Page" application, a multifunctional application that makes customer care and consulting much easier.

  • Access all customer inquiries from email, Live Chat, and Whatsapp in a single platform without switching

  • Stop losing time by responding to recurring questions like"Where is my order" with a powerful order tracking widget. 24/7 live chat support

  • Live Chat with customers currently in your store, provide helpful service according to their purchase and communication history


Above are all 8 apps that we think will be useful to you during the upcoming Valentine's season. Wishing you a successful business season with explosive sales.

8. Track Order & Notifications

The increased number of orders means that you have to spend more time taking care of the status of your orders to promptly handle arising situations. If the customer has agreed to buy the product, but there is an error in the shipping process, causing the order to be lost, faulty or damaged, it will make the customer unhappy and you may lose that customer.

Using the Track Order & Notifications application will help you track and manage your orders efficiently with great features such as:

  • Branded Tracking page & URLs. Enable Tracking on order status page. Supports multiple languages. Best suited for dropshipping stores.
  • Send automatic delivery alerts updates via Email, SMS & Whatsapp. Reduce customer support queries and boost post shipping experience.
  • Use our delivered date to schedule review requests from review apps like Judge.me, Loox reviews etc. Automatic status push back in Shopify

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