9 ideas to make money on Shopify 2021

9 ideas to make money on Shopify 2021


With tons of users in over 175 nations, Shopify is currently holding a firm position in the business market. The easiness of customization and a great number of potential customers enable Shopify to become the most leading e-commerce platform in every corner of the world.

If you want to seek fortune with this marketplace, here are 9 ideas to make money on Shopify in 2021. Check them below!

A Fashion Brand of Your Own

Fashion has always been a thriving industry but is not the right choice for everyone. It requires a creative mind, sensitivity to the latest trend and a little bit of courage to challenge something completely new, something that hasn’t existed in the market before.

How could your mind work while having to worry about the business as well? Don’t worry since Shopify could simplify some business tasks for you, such as:

  • Providing fashion-focused templates and themes without charge.
  • Providing Page Builder Apps - a tool to help you customize the shop design.
  • Combining social media like Instagram or Facebook, which is convenient for both advertising and customers’ streamlined shopping experience

1. An example of a Fashion theme.jpg

Virtual Products

By the word “virtual”, we are referring to some digital products and downloads. You could make sales on ebooks, podcasts or online courses about what you are an expert at or about some valuable experience you have had in your life. Selling themes, games, songs and apps are worth considering too.

2. Virtual products include videos, songs, paintings and so on.jpg

So long as you have something in your mind, Shopify always opens up opportunities to earn money for you!

Print-On-Demand Products

You are artistic and you want to sell things like T-shirts, books, postcards, stickers, calendars, etc. but can’t afford shipping and stocking? If the answer is “yes”, then consider print-on-demand (POD) products!

3. Some examples of print-on-demand products.jpg

Some examples of print-on-demand products

With POD, you will create products only when an online order is made. After that, there will be third-party partners around the world who are in charge of manufacturing and delivering to your customers. You don’t have to worry about anything except coming up with the best and most original designs ever!

CBD Products

4. Sabaidee - A famous store of CBD in Shopify.png

Sabaidee - A famous store of CBD in Shopify

Controversial as it might be, there are innumerable benefits that CBD (Cannabidiol) products bring about such as alleviating anxiety, easing pain, treating neurodegenerative disorders, curing cancer and so on. They are in several kinds of products, from oil, spray to cream, tablet, gummy, and more.

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are gaining their popularity with an estimation of $20 billion profit in 2025. If you are looking for unfamiliar products to sell, CBD is a great choice because they are still in the dawn to shine.

Shopify POS - the Weapon to Boost Sales

Shopify POS, or Point of Sales, is a system by which shop owners could track every customer-facing activity in not only brick-and-mortar stores but also on online websites. With Shopify POS, your retail business operation will become simple more than ever before.

The functions of Shopify POS consists of:

  • Helping you to assign sales duties to the staff
  • Combining with other hardware (for example, cash drawers)
  • Being versatile for creating shopping carts, making discounts, managing taxes and so on...


With dropshipping, your task only contains marketing and accepting orders. The elimination of warehouse and staff fee makes dropshipping become popular among newbies or entrepreneurs who want to test new goods before putting a large amount of money on them.

If you want to operate a dropshipping business, you simply need to follow these four steps:

  • Step 1: An order is made in your store
  • Step 2: Information will be sent to your dropshipping supplier/ retailer
  • Step 3: The dropshipping supplier/ retailer will prepare the products based on buyers’ request
  • Step 4: The products will be shipped to the buyers by dropshipping supplier/ retailer.

5. The process of dropshipping.png

The simple process of dropshipping

Shopify Experts Service

Selling products is not the only way to make money on Shopify. There is a marketplace named Shopify Experts in which you play the role of a consultant and give advice to Shopify store owners in almost every area. They will need guidance for how to set up inventory, ways to draw up marketing plans, tips to write SEO content, several suggestions for their store designs or basically just some data of potential customers.

6. Shopify Experts.png

Shopify Experts

Update your knowledge, give good advice and try your best to be an expert in the top list, then money will be poured into your pockets every minute!

Shopify Partners Service

As Shopify Experts, Shopify Partners is another marketplace but for those who are good at information technology. Developing useful apps for merchants or designing unique themes for each kind of industry are two examples you could do as a side hustle or a full-time career.

7. Shopify Themes, where you can sell your designed products.png

Shopify Themes - where you can sell your designed products

One thing you should know is that Shopify Partners now holds more than a million merchants worldwide with around 500 000 shops currently operating. A truly competitive yet profitable business environment!

Shopify Affiliate Partner Service

If your talent is persuading and convincing, then Shopify Affiliate Program is a place for you. You will work as an influencer, a content creator or whatever you call to make other people start their business in Shopify. After a charged Shopify Business Plan is made by your audience, commissions will be given to you immediately.

8. A free Shopify Affiliate Program for everyone.png

A free Shopify Affiliate Program for everyone

The fee to join the Shopify Affiliate Program is zero. Do not miss out such a perfect opportunity to earn money on Shopify!

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