Key benefits of adding Instagram to our Shopify store

Key benefits of adding Instagram to our Shopify store


With more than 500 million active users, Instagram is one of the best sales channels for merchants on Shopify. Instagram is currently favored by many shop owners for the greatest shopping experience it provides.

What Instagram Could Bring To You

Instagram is mostly used for some particular categories such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home decor, and so on. The main reason lies in the fact that Instagram is where every trend starts, so utilizing it helps shop owners update the trend as soon as possible.

1. Instagram is popular for fashion shops.png

Another reason to use Instagram is its ability to shorten the check-out process. After integrating Instagram into Shopify, potential customers can buy a product immediately without leaving the visual app. They can tap your products on Instagram and check out right on Shopify. What a seamless shopping experience, isn’t it?

2. Instagram shopping feature on Shopify.jpg

The third benefit of this photo and video sharing app is the super-engaged traffic when compared to other visual social channels. According to Yotpo, Instagram content brings the same engaged traffic as YouTube while beating out Pinterest and Twitter.

3. Yotpo_s figure measuring social media engagement.png

Moreover, Instagram is a tool for you to engage and interact with the audiences. Imagine that someone makes a purchase from your store and becomes satisfied with the item. What will he or she do after that? Follow your account, of course! That action makes them see your store more regularly, encourages them to like and comment on your posts, therefore enhancing the chance of buying from you again.

Hashtags are another advantage of Instagram. If you are a newbie in the area, it’s pretty difficult for you to be seen by potential customers. Hashtags, therefore, help your customers find you much more easily and make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Hashtags helps customers find your shop more easily.png

The last strength is the potential UGC (user-generated content) marketing strategy on Instagram. With every photo posted related to your brand, you can ask the owners for permission and use it to promote your brand. For example, Everlast has collected consumers’ photos after using its products in the gym:

5. Everlast makes use of its customers_ images.png

With all the benefits mentioned above, Instagram is truly a sharp tool for every Shopify businessman. However, it is useful only when you have tons of followers. Check this article to find out several ways to attract Instagram audiences to your Shopify store!

Begin Your Own Instagram Shopping Post

Here are some easy steps you need to follow:

  • Run the business in a supported country.
  • Install the Facebook channel in your Shopify store (the Facebook shop must be approved).
  • Set up an Instagram Business account.

After that, add an Instagram sales channel to your Shopify store, which is entirely free. You can visit the Instagram app -> Business Setting -> Shopping to activate the feature.

At this stage, you can tag posts and use the most common hashtags so that users can find your products easily!

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