Best Shopify Apps For Wholesalers In 2021

Best Shopify Apps For Wholesalers In 2021


To set apart from your retail and provide an outstanding platform to your wholesale buyers, here are the best nine Shopify apps for wholesalers in 2021. Check them out!

Bold Custom Pricing

1. Bold Custom Pricing.png

As a 4.3-star Shopify app with 950 reviews, Bold Custom Pricing provides users with many wholesale and tiered pricing for their products. Besides, the app can also automatically set pricing rules, increase dealers’ levels and offer them special discounts if they buy in large quantities. There is no need to worry about its security as Bold Custom Pricing doesn’t create hidden products or duplicate variants.

Wholesale Club

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Developed by Pixel Union, Wholesale Club expresses their hope for increasing your revenue as much as possible. Wholesale Club allows users to reward their customers with special discounts, with the fact that discount rates are diversified into numerous levels. The second advantage is its ability to make an unpaid order for customers: They can get the items as long as they pay you back within a particular time. You can also create different customer groups for different tiers and ensure the security with no variants or products are duplicated.


Pocketfied is a perfect choice to help you build and launch your app in just 1 day without any coding or design skills. You don't need to have any developers accounts (AppStore & Google Play), spend less time, makes and get more done with an intuitive dashboard to manage your mobile app from your phone wherever you are. This app also helps increase sales, reduce returns and create push notification marketing automation.


Wholesale Pricing Discount

3. Wholesale Pricing Discount.png

Wholesale Pricing Discount allows users to offer special discounts to particular customers on Shopify. What you need to do is to install the app, choose customers (or groups), and set suitable discounts. Besides, you can also set up volume deals to encourage more sales, enable customers to order online, and set the shipping rate for the wholesale products.

Wholesale & Custom Pricing

4. Wholesale _ Custom Pricing.png

Wholesale & Custom Pricing is produced by Website On-Demand and will turn your store into a wholesale one. It helps you set auto-tags and lets specific customers make orders without a checkout process. Moreover, Wholesale & Custom Pricing creates many discount levels so that customers have a wider range to choose from. Most of them tend to pick high levels with larger amounts of items due to their cheaper prices. This, therefore, will boost sales for your store quite dramatically. For overriding shipment, this app can also stop customers from requiring free shipping.

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

5. Wholesale Order Form _ ReOrder.png

With around $12.99/ month, you can have the app that makes the process of wholesale order and reorder become easier. Its function of displaying products and variants in lists plays an important role in saving customers’ time when they search for products. In addition, Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder can work well with other wholesale apps and integrate with innumerous original and distinctive shop themes. This app can bulk hide products by items or by customers as well, so you should really try this one.

Wholesale Catalog Maker

6. Wholesale Catalog Maker.png

As a product of ZINation, Wholesale Catalog Maker can be considered as one of the most intelligent apps to turn wholesale items into your products. Its most outstanding feature is a multifunctional tool called Catalog Maker Studio, which can help you make a custom e-catalog and design your templates without difficulties. Besides different discount levels, the app will also simplify the order process so that your customers can buy items much quickly and more conveniently.

Wholesale Lock Manager

7. Wholesale Lock Manager.png

When your business is growing up, it needs to be protected adequately. Wholesale Lock Manager by Seth Gold is a good choice due to its ability to integrate retail and wholesale in one store with many helpful security widgets. Users will grant access to their customers with specific tags or emails, and they can even choose which pages are visible to visitors. Who can access some particular pages are also decided by users, so your page is quite safe when using this app.

Wholesale Pricing Manager

8. Wholesale Pricing Manager.jpeg

With Wholesale Pricing Manager available, you don’t need to spend time on anything except for managing the store. It offers many wholesale statuses, and it can also set discount rates based on a percentage or based on money amount. Besides, the different price levels of the same products will encourage customers to purchase more products to get more discounts. Last but not least, the customer service of the developing team is really great: they send you a notification letter whenever a new status assignment happens.

Wholesale Simplified

As many apps mentioned above, Wholesale Simplified also provides discounts for different customer groups and sets up many prices for the same product. For each group, users can set a minimum quantity so that customers will receive discounts if their total prices outnumber this quantity. The app will not automatically create extra variants when you check and maintain the inventory, and you can also set discount rules by discount rates and tags. For design and inventory management tools, you can contact the developers because they run a lot of services, from design, illustration to set-up and development apps.

If you’re interested in wholesale, download the apps and check out our blog to know how to build your wholesale business on Shopify.

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