Best Shopify apps to find product's source

Best Shopify apps to find product's source


Sourcing a trustworthy supplier is one of the first steps to start your business. The source can be a manufacturer or a wholesale company that can completely fulfill the order. If you are a new Shopify merchant or want to widen your product’s options, this article which introduces the best apps for product sourcing will be very efficient.


1. Great print-on-demand app with plenty of items.png

Great print-on-demand app with plenty of items

Printify is everything you need to start selling print-on-demand items, at the same time, it is also a huge source of products with a large scale of design options certainly satisfying the requirements of your customers. You have a great opportunity to discover the daily fundamental products such as mugs, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, towels, books and so on, which are very potential products to get your e-commerce store started safely. More interestingly, Printify is passionately operating in over 90 locations from Germany, UK, the US to Australia or China and entirely responsible for fulfilling and shipping. Retailing products which can be customized by your brand exclusively will be a piece of cake.


2. Build your business with Oberlo.png

Build your business with Oberlo

The first name in the list of the most reputable Shopify apps which simplify the product searching process must be Oberlo. Oberlo will insert the products into your Shopify store, manufacture and deliver to the customers directly, which eliminates your headache on product sources and shipping. Oberlo offers millions of products at any niche that you can think of from pet accessories, technology items or fashion stuff. Printify might be the best choice for print-on-demand products, however, if you just need more choices of niches, Oberlo will be the absolute selection.

My Online Fashion Store

3. My Online Fashion Store.jpg

My Online Fashion Store

Fashion generates $2.5 trillion globally, such an extremely wealthy industry. You can be a part of it by My online fashion store. This is one of the best dropshipping apps specializing in fashion including handbag, belt, tank top, sunglasses or lingerie, etc. One obstacle when using My Online Fashion Store is that it is based in the US only for now, so your market might be slightly limited.


4. Dripshipper offers high quality coffee.jpg

Dripshipper offers high-quality coffee

Coffee dropshipping app – Dripshipper will perfectly satisfy your expectations for a qualified coffee source. You just need to pick your favorite type of coffee, label it and sell it. Dripshipper has thousands of coffees all around the world and gets the bean roasted daily, ensuring coffee to be fresh on delivery. Coffee will be shipped within 5 working days after the purchase is made.

Creative Hub

5. Selling art with Creative Hub.jpg

Selling art with Creative Hub

Creative Hub is the premium source of art items at retail price. The shipping fee is fixed at £7 all around the world and they will handle and fulfill the order for you. Authenticity certificates will be included in the package, especially Creative Hub also provides certificates for a limited edition.

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