Best Shopify apps to help you streamline your shipping

Best Shopify apps to help you streamline your shipping


Shipping is one of the main reasons why carts are abandoned. The confusion in delivery options or shipping costs will frustrate your customers. Rather than taking the packages to the Post Office and manually creating and delivering, you can use shipping software to assure and scale your shipping process. This article rounds up the top four Shopify shipping apps which can enhance your e-commerce business.


1. Shippo Dashboard.png

Shippo Dashboard

Shippo is a great choice to save shipping time and cost. Integrated with more than 50 major carriers such as FedEx, DHL Express, USPS, Purolator and so on, Shippo can help to streamline your shipping effectively. Additionally, Shippo offers competitive shipping rates, discounts up to 90% off USPS, 75% off DHL Express and 55% off UPS. You can import purchase orders from your Shopify store as well as other storefronts, insert brand, colors and logo and manage the end-to-end shipment.


2. Comparison between couriers on ShippingEasy.png

Comparison between couriers on ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy offers a 30-day free trial applicable to up to 50 orders per month. You can process orders from any e-commerce platforms from eBay, Shopify to Amazon, Etsy by ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy is highly rated by nearly 400 users, which indicates its efficacy and reliability. However, the minus point of ShippingEasy is that it can only support three carriers: DHL, USPS and FedEx and it is not global enough for the brands specializing in multi-geography sales.


3. EasyShip – Global Shipping Software.png

EasyShip – Global Shipping Software

This looks similar to ShippingEasy, however, its features might slightly outshine. EasyShip grants you access to over 100 carriers all around the world, ensuring that international shipping will be streamlined and simplified more effectively than ever. EasyShip also offers automatic tax and duty calculation, syncing and updating Shopify orders as well as pre-negotiated shipping measures. In particular, EasyShip will transparently show the shipping cost, delivery time and taxes in order that your customers can pick the best delivery solutions.

Advanced Shipping Manager

4. Dashboard of Advanced Shipping Manager.png

Dashboard of Advanced Shipping Manager

Established in 2005, Advanced Shipping Manager has built relationships with over 50 freight carriers to renovate shipping processes. With this app, you can create shipping tables to calculate shipping rates according to quantities, distance or weight; deliver one item in multiple packages or even separate one item from the others and send it to a specific address. Additionally, you will be pleased with the customer support from the award-winning team of the app through live chat, email or phone.

There are tons of shipping apps in Shopify App Store that can automate the shipping process. But a Shopify shipping app offering a cheap price is not always the best choice. You must investigate preparation times, tracking, delivery times, shipping labels and incurred costs when selecting an app.

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