Best Themes To Use For Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace  [2023 Update]

Best Themes To Use For Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace [2023 Update]

The multi-vendor marketplace has always been one of the most intriguing business models on Shopify and can help you gain lots of commission from vendors’ sales. If you are considering creating a large marketplace, a suitable theme should be on priority. This theme not only helps you rank high but also can handle many products while being able to display different vendors.

In this article, we would like to recommend nine Shopify themes that are best for the multi-vendor marketplace. Check it below and find out the best solution for yourself!

Plak Theme


Plak Theme is a great choice for both those who are just starting to sell and those who have been doing business on the Shopify platform for a long time. Plak Theme provides you with a variety of individually designed theme templates that are not duplicated by any of your competitors and have the latest SEO Techniques to increase organic traffic for free. In addition, the size of these themes is very light to help ensure fast page loading speed for your store.

A good theme will help your store stand out when customers search, help increase customer shopping experience and increase your conversion rate. Go directly to Plak Theme and choose a theme suitable for your store and if you have trouble choosing, you can also contact the support team for 24/7 advice.


1. Avenue.png

As one of the easiest apps for you, Avenue doesn’t ask you any coding skills to make it work. Besides, this theme can help customers quickly find products thanks to the product-filtering feature (which could be done by types, brands, or so on). Collection sub-lists could be displayed as well, and customers can add different products to the shopping cart at the same time.

Other advantages of Avenue include the optimization for search engines, the inclusion of social media icons, and its compatibility with most of the major apps.


2. Booster.png

The best thing about Booster is that instead of being just a theme, it also provides added functionality that can save you up to $2,000 on apps. Besides, Booster can improve your website’s speed significantly and is a perfect option to improve the site’s SEO.

As a responsive theme, Booster works well on any device and screen resolution. There are countdown timers, social proof, and more on this fully functional theme.


3. Capital.png

If you have large catalogs, Capital is a great theme for you. With the multi-column menu, it will be much easier for visitors to navigate across your site, between collections vs products.

Customers can use the product filters (based on brands, vendors, colors, sizes, and types) to look for what they’re interested in. To make it better, customers could have a quick look at the item while hovering over a collection or the search results. After hovering the pointer over the item, they can see the product information - quite useful for their purchasing decisions and your vendors' revenue!


4. Expression.png

With four aesthetic styles to choose from, Expression is suitable for those who want to promote deals and particular products. Beginners can use the slideshow to showcase brand images or essential products and then direct these images to specific locations on the website. The product image roller lets customers see many images of the product simultaneously when they browse the home or collect pages.

Expression allows you to host a video on Vimeo or Youtube and show it on the homepage. There is a slide bar area as well so that you can showcase every piece of information about your stores, such as adverts, blog posts, and images.


5. Loft.png

Loft offers storytelling elements to promote the history of your brand or products on your website. High-resolution images play an important role in creating a welcoming atmosphere and impressing customers the moment they land on your site.

Loft is mobile-friendly, which means that your vendor site looks great no matter what devices are used by customers. You can also use a multilevel menu function to assist with the navigation on your site, which helps customers find what they want quickly and without difficulties.


6. Masonry.png

Masonry has four unique theme styles that can make you distinguishable from the crowd. With a slideshow to showcase product or brand images, this theme can build up reputation and professionalism for your brand.

Masonry is great for mobile devices. The theme also has additional features to make it easier to navigate and discover products, such as an accordion-style menu for product quick view and purchase.

Mr Parker

7. Mr Parker.png

Not every multi-vendor website needs a large catalog. Many people want to sell a smaller variety of products and cooperate with fewer vendors so that they can control the quality better and more efficiently. If you are aiming at this model, choose Mr Parker as a Shopify theme.

Mr Parker includes four fantastic theme styles and is optimized for search engines. It can handle large images, offer product filtering, and provide a specific page sidebar to help with the navigation on your website. Marketing pop-ups could be used to share promotional messages for your loyal customers.


8. Venture.png

Venture is a perfect choice for those who want to keep the cost down while hosting a large catalog in the store. With Venture, customers can use any device or screen resolutions to browse your websites.

Like many other themes above, this colorful theme has an aesthetically attractive multi-column option for easier navigation. The bounce rate could be reduced to make your homepage more tempting. You can add promotional banners to the store as well, to show the best available deals to customers.

If you want to showcase brand messages or featured vendors, a feature slideshow is available to do that for you. These slideshows then direct customers to relevant pages so that they can buy the item or discover other products.

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