Best tips to have international selling success with Shopify Plus

Best tips to have international selling success with Shopify Plus


We all know Shopify Plus can be a scalable and strong e-commerce platform when used appropriately, especially for direct-to-consumer (DTC) firms. Shopify has everything a merchant needs to begin, optimize, and scale their e-commerce business because it is a hosted solution. But what if you're selling on a global scale? Is Shopify Plus a realistic international commerce solution?

Cross-border e-commerce is a straightforward and effective way to develop your business, increase sales, and expand your brand's global reach for businesses utilizing Shopify Plus.

Single store vs Multi-store

The term "single-store" refers to the usage of the same storefront regardless of where the client is located. They can choose their preferred language or currency from a dropdown menu, and the store will be loaded in that language or currency. Your store will be translated, and currencies will be converted either directly or through rounding rules (more on this later).

1. Widening your store scale with Shopify Plus.jpg

Widening your store scale with Shopify Plus

With multi-store, you may have many versions of your storefront and guide clients to the one that is most convenient for them. For example, you may have a storefront for the United States and another for France, each with its own content, currency, and pricing, as well as its own URL architecture (for example,

Shopify Plus lets you choose which solutions best suit how you want to expand into new areas, no matter how you want to build your store. The first option is whether you want a single storefront with many languages and currencies or a multi-store model with separate storefronts for each market.

Multi-language features

2. Shopify Plus enables users to set multi languages.png

Shopify Plus enables users to set multi-languages

Speaking their language is the best strategy to attract overseas customers. Localization is a difficult effort, but it's worthwhile: Shopify found that 75% of online buyers prefer to purchase in their native language, and 59% claim they rarely or never buy from English-only websites. Shopify Plus makes it simple for you to offer your business in several languages, whether you've chosen a single-store or multi-store method. With single-store, your URL will be something like "" for French, "" for German, and so on for all the languages you choose. These will be presented dependent on the regional storefront, such as for the UK or for Chinese.


Selling your products in your customers' native currency is a game-changer: when given the opportunity, 98 percent of online buyers prefer to browse and pay in their native currency, and 33 percent say they'll skip a transaction entirely if the pricing is only provided in USD.

3. Multi-currency to show exact prices for each region.jpg

Multi-currency to show exact prices for each region

If you're going with a single store, you have the option of using a simple currency conversion or setting price rounding criteria. These rules will round any converted prices to the rule you choose, ensuring that your store remains tidy for customers and free of bothersome cents.

If you choose to adopt a multi-store strategy, you may customize each version of your store with its own content, currency, and pricing. The advantage is that, rather than a currency conversion from your main store pricing, you have considerably more control over the pricing for each region you sell into.

Because Shopify Plus is scalable and grows with your business, it's possible that starting with a single store is the best way to test the waters in a new area, and then expanding to a multi-store strategy later.


Shopify Plus's flexibility to sell across numerous platforms can also help brands connect and interact with a larger audience. Customers from a variety of marketplaces are more inclined to shop with you if you have a larger consumer base. This is supported by Shopify Plus, which makes it easier for you to sell your products.

Multi-channel lets you expand into new markets, and Shopify Plus makes it simple to do so in terms of payments, taxes, fraud analysis, insights, and more.

4. Shopify Plus is integrated with numerous platforms.jpg

Shopify Plus is integrated with numerous platforms

With Shopify Plus, you can connect your store to up to 20 different channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, Houzz, and others, allowing you to sell your products to people all over the world.

Launchpad for automation

Exclusive Shopify Plus features and tools like Launchpad, Flow, and Scripts are extremely strong and provide numerous advantages for high-growth firms, including the ability to assist them in increasing their global footprint.

5. Using Launchpad can increase productivity in sales season.png

Using Launchpad can increase productivity in sales season

Launchpad and Flow assist you in automating procedures and increasing productivity and efficiency, allowing you to devote more time to internationalization. Shopify Plus's Flow and Launchpad features can further aid your internationalization plan by giving you the tools you need to automate chores and processes. This allows you to expand your business by providing you with the time, resources, and flexibility you require to implement your internationalization efforts.

Shopify Plus is an enterprise platform created exclusively for businesses wishing to expand and scale. With its multi-currency payment choices and unique out-of-the-box capabilities, the platform is designed to serve firms wishing to expand their reach, whether nationally or internationally.

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