Best ways for e-retailers to boost sales this Valentine's Day

Best ways for e-retailers to boost sales this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and this is an ideal chance to boost sales and revenues. Don’t know what to do to make your store more special? Don’t worry because in this article, we would like to give you several marketing tips to bring more sales this holiday!

Cover Your Store With A Romantic Look

Of course, this solution should be prioritized in the list! Covering your store with a romantic look will arouse the feeling of Valentine, therefore remind visitors of the holiday and encourage them to buy more!

Nevertheless, a completely new site theme is a little bit time-consuming and expensive, especially when the Valentine occasion only lasts for several days. Instead of that, you could add:

  • A welcome coupon pop-up with eye-catching Valentine images and sweet messages. This will catch visitors’ attention the moment they enter your site.

1. An Example of Welcome Coupon Pop-up.png
  • A Valentine banner on the homepage slider, as the banner is usually the first place customers look at when they first visit your shop.
  • A Valentine small banner on the header bar (in case your website doesn’t have much space left).

Provide Customers With e-Gift Function

On Valentine's Day, people mainly buy gifts for their beloved friends and family. Why don’t you satisfy this desire with an e-Gift card - the tool assisting shoppers to directly send presents to the recipient?

Take Gift Wizard for example. After you fill in the email information of the recipient, the app will send an e-Gift to them and also let them choose their suitable size and favorite color. Very useful and convenient, isn’t it?

2. Gift Wizard Send Email to the Recipient And Allow Them to Choose Their Size.png

Provide Anonymous Gift Delivery

Anonymous gift delivery is another promotional tactic for two kinds of customers: those who want to surprise the recipient and those who want to confess to someone but don’t have enough courage.

If you are interested in this tactic, take a look at Gift Checkout on the Shopify store. Besides gift wrapping options, this app also includes a greeting card in which the sender can write a sweet message for their beloved one. A perfect service that you shouldn’t miss out on, especially when Gift Checkout offers a free trial for 7 days!

3. Gift Checkout App.jpg

Call For User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective and successful marketing strategy, mainly because it arouses the feeling that the consumers are a part of the brand. Moreover, UGC can help to spread the brand to a larger audience as well.

Some user-generated content idea you could apply for this Valentine are:

  • Running a Valentine photo competition like Dunkin’ Donuts once did:

4. Dunkin_ Donuts_ Photo Competition.png
  • Running a Valentine video competition
  • Giving away a best-seller product on your store with several criteria: Tag 5 friends, share a valuable experience with your store or get at least 10 likes for the comment

Launch An Email Marketing Campaign

“Old but gold” is a phrase that exactly describes email marketing. One way to take advantage of Valentine's Day is sending a thank-you email to your old customers, then noticing about your promotion or collection for this holiday.

5. A Valentine Email of A Florist.jpg

You can also consider some personalized deals, such as free shipping or a coupon to show how appreciative you feel for their support and loyalty.

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