Black Friday - "Add to Cart" Kinda Day!

Black Friday - "Add to Cart" Kinda Day!


Every year on Black Friday, shopaholics try to get themselves the best deals when all the brands discount. Do you have any plans yet?

If you haven’t had anything special on your Shopify store this occasion, don’t worry, because our application Super Watermarks just released a new set of stickers - BLACK FRIDAY.

You can add Black Friday sticker and Sale sticker to your product images - simply and quickly.




Black Friday is the first Friday that happens after Thanksgiving in the US. The shoppers have their wallets ready for an unlimited shopping day. Don’t be an outsider from this fun, mates!

It can be said, Black Friday is a day that can turn the quietest and calmest people into crazy shoppers. Every Black Friday, a series of newspapers will report on the huge number of people willing to camp overnight in major US shopping malls just to buy themselves bargain items when they will be the first to enter the store. In this modern world, it is also the party for online shopping, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, just one month before another big sale season - Christmas.

And no matter how decisive customers think they are, they can't resist the attractiveness of the promotions that are launched continuously only for this occasion. They will not be able to meet that price again any time after that.


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