E-commerce guide: How to boost sales with product badges color

E-commerce guide: How to boost sales with product badges color


How do colors affect consumer behavior?

The theory that color influences our behavior is not a new concept in marketing, or in any other area of ​​expertise. People react to colors both psychologically and personally.

For example, red is often the color that catches the most attention, warning about something people shouldn't miss. Or blue is the most widely accepted color and often causes people to react positively. Many researchers believe this positive response is due to the way our ancestors saw blue in favorable weather or a refreshing lake.

It is undeniable that even a widely accepted color can bring negative feelings to certain individuals, reminding them of something annoying they have experienced in the past. Color plays an important role in how we experience and interact with the world around us, hence, it has a greater impact on how we consume.

In order to attract more customers to your store, and for them to buy more, designing a website that is eye-catching and colorful is necessary. However, re-designing a whole website is a challenging task when it requires lots of programming and graphic designing skills.

That’s the point where we come to assist you.

If you are owning a Shopify store, consider using Super Watermarks and Super Effects to re-decorate your store at best as you can. While Super Effects helps you add holiday-related ornaments to the site, Super Watermarks is a perfect solution for your product images, as it can add product badges to them. All the effects and badges of both apps are carefully and professionally designed based on color psychology.

Next, we will go in-depth to the field of using product badges color to increase sales.

How to use product badges color to boost sales?

Step 1: Identifies the intended use of product badges

The first step is to define the correct use case for your product label. This will help you focus on a certain piece of content that you want to convey through the label.

Step 2: Match product badges color with your store color theme

It is important that the color of the badges you choose needs to match the overall color scheme of your website, creating an eye-catching and clean look for the whole store. So pay attention to the colors available in your store's theme to decide which colors to go with making the best.

Step 3: Choose the right colors for your marketing campaigns

There are some special holidays of the year that are associated with certain colors, you should keep this in mind. For example, green and red for Christmas, red and black for BFCM, yellow and orange for Thanksgiving, etc. These colorful stickers will make your product stand out, moreover, at the same time, remind customers that these are special deals only available on the holiday, they’d better not miss out.

Step 4: Determine the target audience of each campaign

Don't forget to analyze the specific behaviors and personalities of the target audience that you want to target in this campaign.

Step 5: Select appropriate product labels from Super Watermarks

Once you have an idea of what product sticker you want to use but you don't have enough time to design the labels one by one, or if you are not proficient in design software, don't worry, because you can find all the stickers you need in Super Watermarks. The Super Watermarks product labels are all designed by professional designers, with deep knowledge of color theory. You will be sure to find your favorite badges here and attach them to your product images in just a few clicks.

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