Effective inventory management experience when doing business on Shopify

Effective inventory management experience when doing business on Shopify


Inventory is an indispensable element for anyone doing business online, but if not managed well, it will waste a lot of effort and money. To tackle that, we give you some helpful tips for improving efficiency and inventory control that can be applied to any of your inventory operations.

Label everything

This is especially important when your store sells a wide range of products and the products have similarities. Labeling all products will help classify and find goods in the warehouse easily, and manage the most accurate inventory.

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After labeling, arrange the position of the product groups in the appropriate position so that it is convenient to search and transport in and out of the warehouse. Let's check today to see if there are any products in your inventory that don't have a label?

Quality and time control

If one day the number of orders to be processed is large, errors are very likely to occur. To avoid having to correct your mistakes after processing an order, you should check the order twice before shipping. This will add to your responsibility for the job.

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Process orders and clean up your warehouse before hours are up. Orders that cannot be processed today, please sort and sort the inventory, put them in a fixed place immediately after sorting. Thus, the next day you will be very free with new orders and do not waste time cleaning or searching for old orders.

Minimize unauthorized access to warehouses

Have you ever noticed someone walking around your warehouse and wondered: Who is this person? A new employee? Eliminate the risk of having unauthorized people roaming around or entering your warehouse with warehousing regulations and providing employee uniforms.

This will help you eliminate risks and threats from people with bad intentions such as thieves, competitors, etc…

Set up inventory status reports

The reports and statistics of inventory help you grasp the situation, quantity and reduce the loss of goods, import goods more timely.

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Similar to inventory, after having inventory data such as the quantity of goods, the number of backlogged goods, the quantity of goods that are about to be sold out, the number of lost goods, etc., you will make decisions to deal with them. such as selling, importing more,...

Use support apps

Using a support application will help you manage your inventory automatically, reducing a lot of effort and cost compared to doing it manually.

Some of the best applications to help you manage inventory and create reports today are:

  • Super Reports
  • Inventory Planner Forecasting
  • Reports Pundit
  • Merchbees Inventory Value

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