Email marketing tips to grow your audience

Email marketing tips to grow your audience


On average, there are 2.4 billion emails sent around the world for each second. With such an enormous number, it is obvious that only when your email’s special could it reach the target audience and leave some impressions on their minds.

In this article, we would reveal several tips to better your email marketing. Check it below!

Optimize Emails for Mobiles

This deserves the first position on the list since almost everyone is currently browsing the web via smartphones or tablets. Research shows that 54% of users open email by their smartphones, while the number of people using desktops only accounts for 19%. Imagine that you must turn on the laptop just to read some random advertising emails - how annoying and inconvenient it is! The result? Obviously, you will ignore those spams without hesitation.

1. Optimization for Mobiles.png

If you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, make sure your emails fit perfectly for the mobile screen.

That’s the first thing you need to do for successful email marketing.

Ensure That Your Emails Look Great and Brief

Of course, everyone likes eye-catching things. The same works with marketing emails. We are now living in the 21st century, yet some entrepreneurs still send out lengthy and tedious emails to their customers.

To avoid that mistake, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Utilize short paragraphs with no more than three sentences. The maximum for each sentence is 25 words
  • Highlight keywords and important phrases
  • Use bullet points so that readers can grasp the content quickly
  • Make use of images but not too much. Images make your email look lively but can distract readers at the same time

2. Ensure That Your Emails Look Great and Brief.jpg

Take Care Of Inactive Subscribers

It is always costly and difficult to find new customers. Instead of that, why don’t you try to engage “old” customers - the ones who used to buy your products but seem to be inactive recently? Their inactivity is demonstrated through the time they haven’t opened promotional emails. It could last for some weeks, three months, six months, or even longer.

How can we awaken their interest again? Inviting inactive subscribers to conduct surveys is one answer to that question. Surveys not only show our concern but also make us understand more about those customers. Don’t forget to thank them and send them gifts after completing the surveys. That will motivate them to finish the work more.

3. Take Care Of Inactive Subscribers.png

Classify Your Subscribers

Each person subscribes to your website for their own purpose, and you need to classify them into separate groups. Take a marketing blog for example. Some people follow it because they are interested in content marketing. Some subscribe for searching engine optimization. Others want to know more about social media marketing. Therefore, it would be bothersome if they receive information about things that they don’t care about.

This is when subscriber classification does its work. By sending content that each subscriber really needs, you have increased 14.31% for your emails to be opened.

Address Customers’ Name

“Dear beloved customer” sounds automatic and lacks human interaction. Instead of that, addressing your customers’ name is much closer and makes readers feel like they are appreciated. Statistics also show that personalized emails bring about a 6x higher transaction rate. Such an easy way to get a sales opportunity, isn’t it?

4. Address Customers’ Name.png

Utilize CTA in Your Emails

A call-to-action (CTA) has become familiar with many businesses recently. It is a link or a button that leads to the website and has the function of driving readers to action. We can come across some CTAs like “Shop Now”, “Get a Free Trial”, “Buy It Today”, “Order Now. Get 50% Off” and so on…

5. Utilize CTA in Your Emails.jpg

Useful as it is, you had better include one or at least two CTAs in your message. Otherwise, there would be so many different things to do that subscribers do not know which action they should take and end up skipping your products and stores.

Choose Right Time to Send Emails

Last but not least, do not underestimate the importance of the sending time. Just as many people don’t upload photos on Instagram until 8 P.M to receive more likes and comments, a clever marketer will wait for the right time to spread their messages. Doing this helps him/ her raise the traffic and customer conversion more than normal hours.

Some best time to send emails are:

  • 10 A.M - time when people are going to stop work to have lunch, or have a break
  • 8 P.M - time when people are checking emails before sleep
  • 2 P.M - time when people seem to be tired and seek distraction from work
  • 6 A.M - time when people have just woken up and checked their network on bed

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