Expand Your Shopify Store To Other Countries

Expand Your Shopify Store To Other Countries

In recent years, many Shopify merchants have grown from a small store in their home country, into one that serves global audiences, and dramatically increasing their store's profits. Indeed, after knowing this information, you also wonder if it is difficult to do a global business on Shopify.


Why should we expand the Shopify store to other countries?

Increase sales 

This is obvious when you reach more target audiences, the brand reputation increases so the purchase rate is also higher. You can sell more variety of products when you expand your Shopify store to other countries instead of just selling in one country because culture and tastes in different countries, unpopular products in your country may can be warmly received by customers in other countries.

Seize opportunities early

Multinational sales can help you stay up-to-date on market trends faster, with a diversified view of products and business strategies. There are products that have been released in developed countries for a while before being popularized and sold well in less developed countries.

Foreign Exchange Rate Arbitration

Selling abroad allows you to earn foreign currency, and the exchange rate difference can also help you make more profit.


And when?

First, your store must have a stable business and bring good results in your own country, according to the advice of experts, a store turnover of at least $ 10,000/month will be enough to be able to expand. The first time doing business in another country, you may face a lot of difficulties because of differences in language, culture, market, etc., so you need to have financial stability to prevent potential problems.

Second, your product must be good enough to meet the requirements of other countries (there are countries with such high standards for the quality of the product).

Third, you are in need of being knowledgeable about the country you plan to expand into. Understanding their political and economical base, their language, culture, and lifestyle,...

What to do?

There is a lot of work to be done when you want to expand your Shopify store to other countries. Here are the indispensable tasks that we encourage you to focus on fully implementing to have the best preparation for the multinational business.

  • Prepare suitable subdomains for the countries you want to expand to. For example, yourshopusa.com as your USA shop, yourshop.ca as your Canada shop, etc. This approach can also work, as long as the branding and everything else is set up correctly.

  • Select suitable products and pricing strategies for them.

  • Use an IP redirect application to detect your visitor's location and point them to the right store. For example, if a Canadian visits your store in the US, you might display a message to them that says “Looks like you're in Canada, would you like to visit our Canadian store to see prices in CAD and get better deals on shipping fees? ”. You can ask them via the pop-up or the top bar.

  • Generate new tracking codes for unique stores and their respective advertising campaigns.

  • Set up an email campaign for your customers, letting them know that you are opening a new store in another country.

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