Facebook marketing tips that you will need to boost your e-commerce sales

Facebook marketing tips that you will need to boost your e-commerce sales


In the era of 4.0, Facebook Marketing is no longer an unfamiliar term. With more than 2000 million users around the world, this is an ideal place to promote products and increase sales for your store.

Here are nine eCommerce tips you could do with Facebook to make use of this wonderful social network. Check it below!

Upload Attractive Product Photos

1. Upload Attractive Product Photos.png

Visual speaks louder than words, and it takes less time to convey a message. According to research from WishPond, photo posts receive 120% more engagement when compared to other types.

In Facebook Marketing, you had better pay attention and invest carefully in your photo quality. It’s important to upload photos with people making eye-contact with the viewers since this is pretty eye-catching and can make readers notice your posts.

Create Product Videos

Between an article and a video, what would you like to choose? I will personally choose the latter one, and it seems that 53% of pages have the same idea when they mainly promote products through videos.

2. Create Product Videos.png

Besides, Facebook Live or online talk are great tools, too. You can also make use of Ad Break - a method to earn money through product videos on Facebook.

Include A Call-To-Action

3. Include A Call-To-Action.png

A clear call-to-action motivates viewers to buy your products, so don’t miss out this tactic in your posts.

Share Discounts And Promotions

The sole reason for many people to like your pages is to update discounts and promotions, yet many online shop owners forget this important thing. Learn from their mistakes and announce your deals regularly on Facebook. That will be useful a lot to increase your sales.

4. Share Discounts And Promotions.png

Furthermore, you can show a countdown timer below so that audiences have a rush on buying products.

Update New Products

Unlike off-price buyers, others follow your pages to see if there is something new. However, don’t bombard them with too many new product announcements - once or twice a week is a great and wise frequency.

5. Update New Products.png

Try Messenger Story

Messenger Story is a fresh and amusing ad type for showing both photos and short videos. A full-screen visual makes audiences look at your content only; while videos can be displayed on not only Messenger Story but also Instagram Story.

6. Try Messenger Story.jpeg

Experiment With Carousel Ads

Lilly Pulitzer - a fashion retailer - has increased the order total by 21% thanks to carousel ads. Now it’s your turn!

7. Experiment With Carousel Ads.png

The first advantage of Carousel ads is its fully fitting on mobiles and desktops. Besides, something slidable develops a desire to know what’s next, therefore urging people to slide more. Last but not least, setting up Carousel Ads is not difficult and time-consuming - you can always find help on Google or Facebook.

Be Original And Responsive To Trend

Catching up with trends and applying them to content can attract and amuse a large number of shoppers. Take Durex for example. Acknowledging that eggplant is usually used during flirting, they immediately create products related to this emoji.

8. Durex - The Original And Responsive Content.png

Share Social Proof

Bragging is not favored by people, but not in Marketing. Showing off what you have done to satisfy customers can build trust for the new ones and make them confident to try your products more.

9. Share Social Proof.png

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