Five Reasons Why PPC Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

Five Reasons Why PPC Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

We have understood some kinds of marketing to boost sales and brand recognition like Facebook marketingemail marketing, social proof, or influencer marketing. In this article, we would like to introduce another digital marketing strategy recently - Pay Per Click, or we call PPC for short. 

What is PPC?

When adopting this strategy, advertisers have to pay a fee whenever their ads are clicked. If PPC works well, the fee is nothing compared to what we receive. For example, we just need to pay $5 for a click, but we will earn $500 in sales in exchange. Such a huge profit, isn’t it?

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In general, there are five reasons why PPC can be considered as an effective marketing strategy, starting with...

Reason 1: PPC Is Cost-Saving

Imagine that you adopt traditional online advertising models and have to pay a particular amount of money. No matter how many viewers you get, you still have to pay that advertising costs - there is no difference between 5 viewers or 50,000 viewers. 

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In contrast, PPC is completely different. This model only asks you to pay for people clicking your ads; so if the campaign seems to be unsuccessful, you can avoid overpaying for that kind of ads. 

Reason 2: PPC Brings About High Return On Investment

ROI (Return on investment) is one of the most essential metrics for businessmen. If you spend one dollar on advertising and receive $10 in sales, then you are going in the right way with an amazing ROI of 900%.

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Why is it said that PPC brings about high ROI? Let’s have a look at this example. Supposing that the PPC charges you $2 per click and for 10 people clicking on your content, there is one who will become actual clients. This client gives you a net profit of $50. What does this mean? It means that you just need $20 (10 clicks on total) to get $50 in profit. The ROI in this situation is 250% - and that’s why more and more merchants are investing in PPC models currently. 

Reason 3: PPC Helps You Improve SEO Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that you should really consider if you want to enhance the organization’s online presence. It plays an important role in making your page rank high on Goggles, therefore attracting a lot of individuals visiting your page.

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With the PPC model, you can immediately realize what keyword works and what doesn't. After that, prepare well for the type of content that users feel interested in. The better the SEO content is, the more people click on your ads; and the more people click on your ads, the higher opportunities for your organization to achieve its goals.

Reason 4: PPC Produces Fast Results

Everyone can adopt the PPC model - even if they are corporations with high reputation or just companies with low marketing budgets. The reason lies in the reasonable PPC fee - you can spend a little bit first, and when new clients are created, you can gradually increase your budget.

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Increasing the marketing budget is a must, as it helps you pursue bigger goals and gain more money for your business. 

Reason 5: PPC Is Data-Friendly

Imagine that your company sets a goal of increasing sales. The usefulness of PPC is shown through the fact that it provides the total clicks per sale. Thanks to that, you will understand why your products aren’t sold well - maybe because of its lack of awareness, or maybe because the products themselves are not customers’ cup of tea. 

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Moreover, PPC can narrow the target audience for you, and you can also understand what your audiences are looking for. Obtaining this kind of data is a great advantage to you - you will know what products or services help you earn money most.

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