Five Shopify Apps To Deal With Out Of Stock Products

Five Shopify Apps To Deal With Out Of Stock Products


Out-of-stock products are a nightmare for shop owners, as it shows that they don’t know how to manage their inventory well. There are two solutions for you: you can hide those items, or move them to the end of the product list. Both ways could be carried out with the help of Shopify out-of-stock apps.

Here are five Shopify apps that are used most in 2021.

Sales Rocket

1. Sales Rocket.png

Sales Rocket not only gets a high point (4.9/5.0) but also receives approximately 500 reviews from users, most of which are positive ones. It is a multifunctional app with 40 great functions packed into one, helping you save lots of money and dramatically improve the website’s speed. A faster website gains a huge advantage in ranking high on search engines.

Sales Rocket can make substitution recommendations for out-of-stock products. You can also cross-sell, improve urgency, grow conversion rate with FOMO feeling, and develop the email marketing list through the app. There is a free shipping bar as well so that customers will know how much they should spend to get free shipping.

Merchbees Low Stock Alert

2. Merchbees Low Stock Alert.png

The Merchbees’ app eliminates every problem of inventory management by sending notifications to shop owners if there are low stock or out-of-stock products. Moreover, you can hide products that have been sold out as well, making the customer's experience become much more enjoyable while staying on your site.

Without any coding skills, you can complete the app’s setup on the websites without difficulties. While the WYSIWYG editor can customize email alerts, SMTP is in charge of customizing the sender information. In addition, for every order that is made, you will receive an automatic notification at the time that’s most suitable for you, like on a Sunday evening.

Stock Sync ‑ Inventory Update

3. Stock Sync ‑ Inventory Update.png

As a comprehensive app, Stock Sync can synchronize your stock levels with suppliers or other channels you’re using. It can keep the product pricing, descriptions, and images synchronized across all of the shopping channels. If there exist out-of-stock or discontinued items, the app will take products off synchronization for you.

Stock Sync is great for every business no matter what they are - a small shop or a large entrepreneur, a dropshipping model, or a store that sells their own products. A free trial of 14 days is available so that customers can make sure that this app is best for their stores and businesses.

Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder

4. Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder.png

As the name suggests, the app uses a host of features to manage your pre-orders perfectly. When an item is out of stock, some customers are still patient enough to wait for its back in stock, and Pre-order Now allows them to order this kind of item easily. Besides, you can also make pre-order management easier by using emails, badges, discounts, tagging, cart alerts, and more… With those conveniences, it comes as no surprise that more than 7000 users have used the app for their online websites.

If you suffer from any troubles, feel free to contact the customer support team. They’re always available to help you, even if it’s on the weekends.

Out‑of‑Stock Police

5. Out‑of‑Stock Police.png

Instead of hiding out-of-stock products, this app helps you move those items to the bottom of the collection page, making the page more organized and professional. Items that haven’t been restocked in a particular amount of time will be unpublished, with you deciding the time amount.

Like Merchbees’ app, Out-of-stock Police also notifies you if a product is low stock or out of stock. The app works well across every browser and with every Shopify theme, and if there are any conflicts, a supportive development team is always there to help you.

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