Give away Father’s Day sticker set from Super Watermarks

Give away Father’s Day sticker set from Super Watermarks

Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June is a special occasion in the whole year long to celebrate and honor fathers. It tightens fatherhood, paternal bonds as well as praises the influence of fathers in society. This year’s Father’s Day is even more special when it marks the return of holidays after the COVID-19 epidemic.

It is a good opportunity for brands to navigate and “rejuvenate” their appearance, especially on e-Commerce platforms in general and on Shopify in specific. Decorating your product images with themed labels will make your Shopify store more colorful and attractive towards customers. And like almost all things in this tech-driven world, if you’re looking for help, there’s an app for that.

Super Watermarks is an advanced but also easy-to-use watermark bulk editor for product images. It allows you to add highly configurable watermarks, logos, stickers, labels, badges or frames to your products. Instead of using long text with some boring sans serif font informing your customers about specially-occasional products or a sale-off campaign, now you just need to use our application as a tool.


We just released a set of Father’s Day stickers for users, and it is for you if you want to apply a few holiday-regarded stickers to your images. Keep in mind that this sticker set is totally for free, don’t hesitate to try it out regardless of what pricing plan you are in. Go check it out at Super Watermarks. Hope you enjoy it!


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