Happy Super Effects on Shopify's trending apps collection

Happy Super Effects on Shopify's trending apps collection

After 3 months of launching, Super Effects has gained a great achievement, which is entering the top trending apps collection of Shopify.

The Super Effects team is proudly celebrating this pivotal milestone in our development journey. Our commitment to providing a state of artistic decoration service for Shopify stores allowed us to establish unique relationships with our loyal customers, who are the main motivation and inspiration for us to passionately develop new effects and features in our regular updates. Our staff has worked hard to achieve this and would like to share this joy with beloved customers and all Shopify users.

On this merry occasion, the Super Effects team happily announces a 15-day trial of the MAGIC Plan for all installs from now to Nov 30th. You can unlock all magic effects, set the time to apply an effect to your store and choose the pages it will display.

Overall, happy Super Effects on Shopify’s trending apps collection.


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