How can Shopify merchants boost sales on social media?

How can Shopify merchants boost sales on social media?


Each social media channel you select to promote your e-commerce business requires careful management and of course, a different processing strategy. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter are rich places for you to raise brand awareness and boost sales eventually. In this article, we’d like to sum up the most efficient way for each social media channel to enhance your sales and stabilize revenue.

Paid ads on Facebook

1. Example of Facebook Ad.png

Example of Facebook Ad

Few social media platforms are as well-suited to business as Facebook. Facebook is one of the most frequently utilized social networking programs by a broad range of consumers, with a Facebook Shop, the option to contribute customer reviews, and a popular Messaging tool that may be used to give customer care.

Facebook, on the other hand, can be a very effective way to leverage social media for advertising. It's a huge data source that you may use to target advertisements to your ideal customers. Keep in mind that if you amplify material that is designed to generate interaction (likes, shares, and comments), such as a viral video, you can often minimize the cost of your advertising.

Instagram followers and influencers

2. Encourage sales by Instagram Influencer.png

Encourage sales by Instagram Influencer

Instagram allows you to focus on establishing a following through a number of visual mediums as a marketing platform. Unlike Facebook, it's feasible to obtain decent results without having to pay to advertise oneself, though Instagram advertising and influencer marketing are also viable options.

LinkedIn: Promotion with your professional company profile

LinkedIn's greatest asset is its status as a professional social network. It may be worthwhile to have a presence here if your target audience can be recognized by a specific profession or if there are companies that require your products or services.

3. LinkedIn - Professional to build brand recognization.png

LinkedIn - Professional to build brand recognition

LinkedIn is also a terrific place to network, hire people, establish thought leadership, and pursue company growth opportunities which opens the door for a larger sales scale. At the very least, you should have your own personal LinkedIn profile and a company page put up so that others may learn more about your company and its personnel.

Twitter: news and networking

The most powerful feature of Twitter is that it allows you to listen to and interact with other people all over the world. It may not be as effective as a sales channel for many firms, but it may be used to highlight your company's personality.

4. Twitter is an ideal place with networking and news.jpg

Twitter is an ideal place for networking and news

If Twitter is your target channel, you can use it to connect with other brands, journalists, and better engage potential and existing customers on a more personal level. If the news is a component of your content mix, many Twitter users rely on the network.

There are dozens of other social media channels such as Pinterest, TikTok or Tumblr that probably effectively boost your sales. However, keep in mind that each of them has very distinctive characteristics, both positive and negative, understanding first and then applying.

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