How to adopt a name for your brand

How to adopt a name for your brand


The brand name is the first thing your consumers catch sight of and will leave a particular impression on the viewers. The right business name will encourage customers to make a purchase when compared to a long, complicated one.

In this post, I’ll show you how to adopt a name for your brand that can make you stand out from other competitors. Check it below!

Keep The Name As Friendly As Possible

By the word “friendly”, I mean the brand name must be short, simple, and easy to memorize, like Nike, Kodak, and so on. The faster the customers can pronounce the name, the quicker they will remember it; and once they remember your brand name, there is a likelihood that they will choose you among many rivals outside.

Besides simplicity, alliteration is another way to make your name more memorable. Nowadays, more and more brands are using alliteration as their advantages, such as Coca-Cola, Best Buy, or Dunkin’ Donuts. With alliteration, your brand name will stick in customers’ minds, which is a good thing to start winning their hearts.

Make The Name Easy To Find

An e-commerce business depends a lot on customers finding the site, so your name must be easy to find on search engines. Include some keyword elements, make it rank at the top and you have achieved one of the most crucial goals of an e-commerce business.

For example, Rand Fishkin named his company SparkToro as it would give him some SEO advantages. However, SEO varies considerably in each area, so you’d better conduct the search viability exercise in your potential market first.

Make The Name Related To The Niche

According to Chartbeat’s data, 55% of the visitors leave the site after 15 seconds, and only the minority minds checking the About Us of the page. Therefore, making the name related to the niche will immediately show customers what you are selling and help potential customers identify you more easily.

Some businesses have been successful with this tactic, such as Instagram (= Instant Camera + Telegram) or Printful (= Print Product + Fulfillment Service).

Get Feedback

Feedback shows you how customers understand your brand. However, it’s not a good idea if the feedback comes from your friends or family - they’re too nice to make a straight comment.

Instead, we highly recommend you to ask for advice from naming professionals. They have customer testing, functionality testing, and many other things that can smooth the journey to your perfect brand name.

Secure The Name

Once you find the name, do some research to ensure that it hasn’t been claimed yet. A good start to do this is Google, and remember to check more than page 2 of the search results.

If the name is original, then congratulations! The next step you need to do is registering your business name by following the registration guidelines in your own state.

One thing to note here is that your brand name will be the domain name, and you can add domain suffixes such as .com (quite popular), .shop, .store, and .mart...

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