How to boost sales on Shopify: All strategies for 2021

How to boost sales on Shopify: All strategies for 2021


New strategies to increase revenue are explored every day while figuring out the best channel to boost sales is still tough. This article will help you to find simple yet fast ways to succeed in Shopify sale business in 2021.


1. Dropshipping model.jpg

Dropshipping model

Dropship eliminates the concern of inventory. This business is quite simple, you just need to seek other suppliers that offer similar products, apply new SKUs and upload them to your Shopify store. Dropshipping works extremely well to test a new service and product prior to investment. Shopify stores have thousands of themes and apps which can effectively support you in the dropshipping business.

Shopify Point-of-sale

2. Shopify POS.png

Shopify POS

Shopify POS enables merchants to control all customer-facing activities and facilitate retail business operations. There are standard Shopify POS and Shopify POS pro for you to choose from. Shopify POS provides the fundamental features such as email cart add-on, QR code for products, gift cards and discount, free shipping and returns and more while Pro version has some outstanding extra features like stock adjustment, inventory tracking or item suggestions, etc.

Shopify POS can smoothly work on both Android and IOS smart devices and offer split payment options for your customers, in other words, they can virtually select their favorite payment method.

Product visual tutorials

3. Vimeo app guide.jpg

Vimeo app guide

Boosting sales on Shopify in 2021 can be a piece of cake by the insane video trend. A demo video showcasing your products that can not only draw natural human attention but also entertain the customers will sound better than scrolling thousands of photos. The visitors can acquire new information and knowledge by a video visually introducing properties, usage, notice on use or review of the products. This is also a great method to foster the trust of the audience and enhance a closer relationship between visitors and merchants. If you have no experience in video making, you can consider some Shopify apps such as Shopideo, Video Create or Product Video Maker that automatically create product videos.

On-site product recommendations

4. Cross-sell on Shopify.jpg

Cross-sell on Shopify

Upselling, cross-selling and proactive selling will be the best solutions to grow sales for your Shopify store. Adding a button “you may also like” or “Buy the look” can help the visitors in searching for their ideal products. Or you can entice the customers by the pop-up of related items based on the customer’s search. If you are wondering how to do it, you can visit Shopify store, there are tons of apps that can help you generate sales opportunities for your sites.

Simple check-out experience

5. Shopify - one step checkout.png

Shopify - one step checkout

Try to shorten and simplify the check-out process, otherwise, your customers will abandon and leave your site empty-handed. You can use some apps such as Happy Checkout or One-click checkout to optimize the checkout process.

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