How to build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace on Shopify? [2024 UPDATE]

How to build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace on Shopify? [2024 UPDATE]


You'll need to install at least one of the Shopify multi-vendor marketplace apps on your store if you want to host other merchants and turn it into a marketplace. These will aid in the effective operation of your e-commerce and the generation of more revenues.

Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace Apps: What Can They Do?

Shopify multi-vendor marketplace apps can provide your site the ability to give vendors access to the backend of your site without allowing them to control it. Vendors may easily add, change, and remove products from your site from there.

The app can also assist you in calculating commissions and determining how much you should pay merchants who have visited your website. As a result, you may operate a store that sells products from multiple vendors, similar to Amazon or eBay, using one of these top Shopify multi-vendor marketplace apps. So, what are the top 6 apps you should consider using?

Marketplace in a Box

This multi-vendor marketplace app is quite flexible, allowing you to approach each seller individually. You can establish multiple commission rates for each vendor, as well as separate commission rates based on product category or a mix of both. You may quickly invite vendors to join your site, import vendors, or add a vendor registration link anywhere on your website to help develop your vendors' company.


1. Dashboard of Marketplace in a Box app.jpg


Dashboard of Marketplace in a Box app

When a vendor applies, you can select whether to accept new vendors automatically, which allows for faster scaling, or manually. Order alerts can also have automation added to them. You and the suppliers can both be notified when a new order is placed. This can help with client retention by speeding up order processing and improving customer interactions.

Vendors have access to their own accounts as well. From their dashboard, they may manage their profile, items, orders, and fulfillment. They can only see orders placed by themselves, not those placed by other sellers.

Highlight features:

  • Compatible with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms.
  • Allows for stock synchronization between vendor and customer sites.
  • Vendors have their own dashboards where they can execute a variety of functions.
  • Allows for a significant amount of automation.


Jetti is a Shopify multi-purpose app that makes managing your multi-vendor store very easy. It helps you put orders directly into your vendors’ stores and it can integrate with all major platforms to make paying vendors and synchronizing inventory easier and much, much more. The app's foundation allows you to manage inventory across several warehouses, allowing you to automate all in-house and dropshipping (i.e. vendor orders) activities.

2. Jetti can be the greatest choice for dropshipping.png

Jetti can be the greatest choice for dropshipping

Your website can handle all inventory and pricing changes automatically. As a result, if a vendor changes their rates, it will be quickly reflected on your site, ensuring that neither they nor you lose money. Plus, payments to vendors are computed and sent automatically through many gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and BACs, or you may manually enter them into an accounting system and pay them.

Highlight features: 

  • Create a dashboard that gives vendors the confidence to use your store.
  • Create separate shipping and commission rules for each vendor.
  • It's possible to sync product inventory among vendors and do a lot more.
  • Pays vendors automatically or can be routed to accounting systems for manual payment.

Multi Vendor Marketplace

This app is a fantastic way to ensure that you can create a successful, profitable, and appealing marketplace for sellers. You can establish a global commission rate for all sellers in your e-commerce shop, but you can also create different commission rates for individual sellers or by product category. As an administrator, you can allocate existing products to sellers and choose whether they can sell physical or digital items (or both). You can also add new goods and providers to your store in bulk.

3. Flexile Multi Vendor Marketplace.png


Flexile Multi Vendor Marketplace

A unique reminder tool that checks in on the progress of fulfillment with vendors aids customer service. Customers may view more information about who is supplying the goods because each seller has their own ‘Profile Page' on the store. After that, customers can give the merchant a rating based on their experiences.

Highlight Features: 

  • There are payment ways that allow the admin and seller to divide the proceeds.
  • Vendors can hold product auctions.
  • Instead of receiving a commission, you may provide a membership plan for vendors.
  • SMS notifications.

Puppet Vendors

Puppet Vendors will make it easier for you to handle your vendor sales, commissions, and payouts. You'll get access to data and analytics to help you establish a robust store that can improve and expand. With the insights, determining which channels are more effective and which products are selling should be a breeze.

4. Puppet Vendors can – Multi Vendor Commission.png

Puppet Vendors can – Multi Vendor Commission

For each vendor, you may specify flat or percentage-based commissions for each sale. For different product categories, you can also establish commissions and deductions. This app is particularly wonderful because if products from several vendors are in the cart, it will support that order and notify the relevant vendors of the things purchased, as well as calculate commissions and rewards.

Highlight Features:

  • Set commissions based on a flat fee or a percentage for each vendor and product category.
  • Can deal with sales involving many vendors.
  • Vendors can see their sales history.
  • Your merchants will have their own login page and dashboard to handle their orders and products on your marketplace.

ShipTurtle Shipping Invoicing 

5. ShipTurtle - Multi Vendors and Multi-Channel e-commerce fulfillment.jpg

ShipTurtle - Multi Vendors and Multi-Channel e-commerce fulfillment

ShipTurtle is a relatively new multi-vendor marketplace tool that arguably offers the most comprehensive set of capabilities for transforming a Shopify store into a Marketplace at the lowest possible price. Its clean and easy User Interface, which will assure ease of use for your vendors, is what we loved best. The documentation is also extremely extensive. You can automate Order Splitting and Routing using ShipTurtle, and provide your Vendors their own dashboard and log in. They may access their orders, create shipping labels, and make custom invoices from here.

Highlight Features: 

  • The first 100 orders are free as a freemium plan! Products and providers are limitless.
  • Quickly label, trace and manage returns using built-in integrations for prominent shipping partners like FedEx, Bluedart, and others.
  • Labels, invoices, and emails have extremely quick UIs with bulk action buttons.
  • Professional dashboards and logins are provided to vendors.
  • Create payment invoices and set flat or percentage-based commissions.


When vendors get orders on your marketplace, you can utilize VendorDen to split and pay them the necessary amounts. This Shopify multi-vendor marketplace app is only available in the United States, and all transactions are conducted in US dollars. It's that simple to utilize this program, and you may use it to entice vendors to sell with you. Because each product is added to the program separately, you may make each commission unique. As a result, high-end products can have a more generous split for you, whilst low-ticket items may necessitate a larger reward for your vendors.

6. VendorDen – top choice for US e-commerce merchants.jpg

VendorDen – top choice for US e-commerce merchants

Highlight Features: 

  • Free installation.
  • Set commissions for each product separately.
  • Only works for US firms, and all payments are made in US dollars.
  • Select and invite vendors to your marketplace.

Customers are increasingly relying on online buying, and e-commerce is providing new opportunities for a variety of businesses. By 2040, it is expected that 95 percent of sales will be made online, giving entrepreneurs a compelling reason to try their hand at eCommerce. With these amazing multi-vendor marketplace apps in Shopify, we hope your business will flourish soon.

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