How To Create Bundles And Subscriptions On Shopify Store

How To Create Bundles And Subscriptions On Shopify Store

Bundles - a combo of more than two combined products with the total price lower than the sum of prices of individual items within the package, and subscriptions - things that let shop owners sell products on a recurring basis, are two ways to boost AOV for Shopify stores

For those who haven't learned how to create bundles and subscriptions, check this article below as we will provide the most detailed tutorials for you!

1. Create Bundles On Shopify Store

The advantages of bundles aren’t just increasing order values only. It goes beyond that. With bundles, you can predict product demand much easier. They also help you to sell less popular items, therefore bringing larger profit margins for your online stores.

To create bundles, you need to use bundle apps on Shopify. But which bundled product apps are most used in 2021? Here is the answer for you:

App 1: Frequently Bought Together

1. Frequently Bought Together.png

Developed by Code Black Belt, the app is rated 4.9/5.0 and receives about 1800 reviews from users. It offers users a 30-day trial to make sure that the app is the most suitable choice for their stores.

Using the code, this smart AI can calculate what products are combined and display them to your visitors. It can also show ratings of recommended products and will offer customers a discount if they buy its recommended bundles. In addition, the app can notice the change in customer tastes as well, then use that information to recommend other items to make a new bundle.

The app is currently offering two versions: the free version and the paid one with a reasonable cost of $9.99/ month.

App 2: Bold Bundles

2. Bold Bundles.png

With Bold Bundles, everything is much faster and easier, especially if you want to offer percentage discounts. You can also customize the bundles’ look and feel with professional images and more.

This app is pretty smart. It lets you choose what products are essential to apply discounts, and if customers remove an item in the bundles, the discount will be automatically removed. 

App 3: Bundler - Product Bundles Upsell

3. Bundler - Product Bundles Upsell.png

Bundler helps you group products together with a percentage discount (i.e. 20% off when customers buy two products together) or a fixed discount (buy a bundle and get a $10 discount). It is recommended that the former should be used as customers find percentage discounts easier to apply and can see the value more clearly.

Bundler offers a popup to show customers potential savings that they can make. When they have bought enough to get a discount, Bundler asks customers to checkout straight away so that cart abandonment rates won’t exist anymore. 

The most outstanding feature of the app is that it can integrate with your physical store, making your brick-and-mortar store receive benefits from the offers as well. 

2. Set Up Subscriptions On Shopify Store

If you want to use subscriptions, it’s a must to use Shopify Payments or Paypal Express as the payment gateway. Other accelerated checkouts like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, v...v… are not supported to purchase subscriptions. Similar to that, local delivery or pick up in-store couldn’t be used as delivery options for subscriptions either.

Subscription apps help your business develop a lot. They ensure that customers’ offers are maintained, and they can send orders every month so that customers won’t miss out on anything from your store. Subscription apps also show you information about your subscriptions and allow you to manage them in the Shopify admin. If someone buys a subscription from you, you will see the information of the product as well as the frequency of the subscription. 

Shopify will store and protect customer payment information. Once you install your subscription app, all of the subscription data (except for subscription contracts and customer payment information) will be deleted after 48 hours.

Here are the top three subscriptions that are ranked well this year:

App 1: Recharge Subscriptions 

4. Recharge Subscriptions.png

With a rating of 4.7/5.0 and 531 reviews, Recharge Subscriptions is currently securing its first position in the ranking list of subscription apps. It takes advantage of advanced features like the One-Time Products or Recharge API, and integrates with many leading commerce tools like Gorgias, Klaviyo, Avalara, and more…

The app allows customers to manage their subscriptions and sends them automatic notifications, both of which are useful in creating a better experience for shoppers. Recharge also promotes brand loyalty by letting customers swap products, reschedule or skip a delivery, and improving payment conversions with automatic dining and retries. 

App 2: PayWhirl Subscription Payments

5. PayWhirl Subscription Payments.png

PayWhirl is a powerful app that not only lets you sell subscriptions but also gives customers payment plans. With these plans, customers can pay for orders in a longer period, and they can also manage many things such as their recurring orders or customer details.

If customers use major credit and debit cards, their information will be saved to your website. The payments will be taken automatically, and you don’t have to do anything except provide customers with the best services that you can.

PayWhirl is built for mobile-friendliness, integrates with most of the themes, and can work well with Shopify built-in reports.

App 3: Seal Subscriptions

6. Seal Subscriptions.png

With Seal Subscriptions, you can start your subscription business without difficulties and increase revenue in a short time. It’s super easy to configure the subscription: you just need to install the app, set up the first subscription rule, and begin generating orders for a subscription. 

The app will send customers an automatic email to remind them of the next payment due. The convenience is also shown through the fact that customers don’t need to register with your website, and they can cancel their subscription by email as well. To make it better, Seal Subscriptions also has the feature of rewarding customers for their first subscription, and the fee for the app is just up to $50/ month. 

3. Hura Apps - The Ultimate Tool To Save Your Time

7. Hura Apps.png

Although no one can deny the helpfulness of bundle or subscription apps, there still exist some problems while you set up or use the app that will waste you a lot of time and energy. In that case, why don’t you try using Shopify Experts - Hura Apps and let us do everything from A to Z for your online store? 

Developed by 2B I/O, Hura Apps has always been well-known for creating bundles and subscriptions at reasonable prices. With more than eight years of experience, we have received innumerous positive and continuously developed to serve customers with better products. 

If you are too busy with managing your store, or you don’t know much about technical issues, just let us help you. Once receiving your requests, we will immediately analyze the problem and find out the most satisfactory solutions for your website. We promise you enthusiastic and wholehearted customer support, even when the project is over.

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