How to design a Shopify homepage that sells

How to design a Shopify homepage that sells


Forming the first impression, evaluating and deciding whether to leave or stay when landing on a homepage needs only 0.05 second. That’s why creating a Shopify homepage that can build trust, engage and attract lengthy customers is absolutely essential. Let’s see what you can do to enhance your Shopify homepage and convince your shoppers to continue seeking on your website!

Be elegant and competent!

The first rule on designing a successful Shopify homepage is to ensure that the selected theme does comply with your brand color, one or two neutral shades with harmonized combination will draw the attention of the visitors to your offerings and also differentiate your site from others.

1. Sophie Shopify Theme.jpg

A simple and informative Shopify design such as Nego or Sophie will work more effectively than a theme which is full of contents, pop-up or pictures, and blatantly your visitors will be halted due to shortage of value proposition or confused by irrelevant images. An appropriate theme is the backbone to prove that your store is definitely a professional and dedicated shopping site other than Walmart or Amazon.

Be trustworthy!

The anonymous virtual eCommerce, building trust for your Shopify site at the very first impression is crucial.

Some tactics that you can apply to reinforce your site’s trustworthiness:

  • A video at the homepage header introducing your brand and products
  • No detail that might erode your customer’s trust is allowed, for instance: spelling or grammatical mistakes, messy design, low-quality images, unclear price or dead link
  • Announcement bar as evidence that your site is alive. Several contents suggested to be included in this bar: discount program, new product or collection schedule, shipping rules or the changes in manufacturing and delivering due to Covid-19 pandemic, etc.
  • Security Certificates, privacy policy, physical address and contact point, etc. will contribute to a good footer.

2. Informative footer.png

Be outstanding!

Let’s look at websites of some famous brands such as Zara or Charles & Keith, description of a particular product or a collection is added and shown on the storefront to demonstrate and highlight the beneficial element of the collection politely. This will help your Shopify homepage stand out among the new customers and make a hit among the visitors.

3. Highlights unique features of your collection.png

Highlights unique features of your collection

Be smart!

Clever product displays on your Shopify homepage will simplify shopping experiences of your customers. A Shopify homepage showing wider categories decorated by icon and label definitely enables your shoppers to navigate quickly. You can categorize according to the type of products or the collections that your customers are more inclined to. Take a look over two examples bellows:

4. Menu-bar to facilitate product seeking.jpg

Menu-bar to facilitate product seeking

5. Display real photo and price of the products.jpg

Display real photo and price of the products

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