How to minimize the bounce rate of your website?

How to minimize the bounce rate of your website?


You are spending a huge amount of money driving traffic for your e-commerce store; however, the transaction is slightly improved, the audiences leave your site after a few seconds without purchasing any products. The repetition of this situation means that your website is suffering a critical bounce rate and it is time to discover how to minimize the bounce rate of your website.

Tip No.1: Organic rankings on search results

1. Improve rankings on Google search results.png

Improve rankings on Google search results

Does your website appear on major search engines like Google or Bing? To verify your website’s rankings, you can use Google Search Console in which the rank of your website per keyword will be shown. Then you can be aware of how your content website is performing, how the SEO program is becoming effective to drive traffic and whether your store is on the right track or not.

Tip No.2: Improve meta titles, description and opening paragraph

2. Clear product description focuses the customer’s attention on important information.png

Clear product description focuses the customer’s attention on important information

Misleading meta titles, weak descriptions or irrelevant opening paragraphs will increase bad bounce. Imagine, if you enter a website and are expecting to receive some information, but the web presents none of the related information pieces. Furthermore, weak contents are also a reason that visitors don’t stick with your website. A well-organized paragraph with the main content in the first sentence, key information summarized in bullet points and qualified photographs to demonstrate the contents visually will create a good impression to the new audiences.

Tip No. 3: Be responsive permanently

3. Ensure that your website is responsive all the time.jpg

Ensure that your website is responsive all the time

An unfriendly website in which visitors cannot navigate the landing page or product page nor take forever to jump to a new page will waste the customer’s time, force them to close your website and certainly never return. Regardless of mobile devices, as an e-commerce merchant, you must ensure that your store works smoothly and promptly responses. Advanced techniques such as Accelerated Mobile Pages can be applied to measure the responsiveness of your website.

Tip No. 4: Offer what the audiences need and simplify the process

4. Simple check out process.png

Simple check out process

A bad bounce might reveal that your website is preparing poor or inappropriate content which cannot draw customer’s attention. As long as they land on your website, they must be satisfied with the product’s information, product detail images, current discounting program, maintenance, shipping cost and gateway, etc. More importantly, please be noticed that the simpler your website process is, the lower the bounce rate you will suffer. Subscribing or member registration at the check-out process for sure will not help you to get a purchase completed.

Tip No. 5: Rapid loading speed

5. Increase website page loading speed.jpg

Increase website page loading speed

Loading speed is the most imperative element contributing to bounce rate. It is surveyed that nearly 50% of users expect that the loading time of a web page takes less than 2 seconds. No matter how good your content might be or how hard your website is in order to be on the top search results, if it takes hours to load the website, your audiences will never have a chance to view your products.

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