How To Solve Bad Reviews Satisfactorily

How To Solve Bad Reviews Satisfactorily

Not a singer shop owner can deny the importance of reviews. Reviews provide new customers with a glimpse of your products. Reviews are a kind of word-of-mouth marketing. Reviews also contribute to your website’s higher ranking on search engines.

Yes, reviews are great when they are positive. What if we, as shop owners, receive the bad ones? In this article, we would like to show you how to solve negative feedback professionally and satisfactorily.

Step 1: Act Quickly

According to research on customers' expectations of responses to their negative reviews, when customers contact a shop through social media, more than 40% of them expect a response within an hour and less. The demand is much stronger when they suffer from an unpleasant experience with your service or products.

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Therefore, it is recommended that when a customer becomes disgruntled, you should say something to ease their anger as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will talk bad about your shop public, which is definitely a thing that none of us could afford easily.

Step 2: Get Straight To The Point

Don’t use classic replies like “Sorry to hear that” or “Sorry if we failed” as they are completely useless in this situation. The example below is such an example that you should avoid:

2. Example Of Useless Apology.png

Instead of that, you had better find out the reason why the incident happens: Is it because of your shortcoming or it is just a result of a misfortune? After that, give your customers an explanation of the mistake and then find solutions for them.

Step 3: Learn From Experience

After responding quickly, apologizing, explaining the situation and suggesting solutions, what you should do next is learn some lessons from the incident. Pay attention to complaints that keep repeating from this customer to the others and fix them immediately.

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For example, if only one user says that your product is too expensive, then it is simply their problem. But if a great number of shoppers claim the price isn’t suitable, you had better revise your pricing again.

Step 4: Be Careful With Fake Feedback

Sometimes bad reviews are fake - your competitors pay for them just to destroy your business. If the feedback has one of the following signs, then it might not deserve your attention:

  • Language: A fake feedback will have general language without pointing out a specific problem. They will say the customer service is disappointing but can not provide persuasive evidence. Authentic reviews, on the other hand, are more detailed while saying directly how incompetently the staff behaved when they entered the restaurant, while they were eating, and when they complained to them.
  • Customer Purchase History: Be careful with customers who have never ordered products from you before. Obviously, it's fake feedback.
  • User Profile: When checking user profiles, you had better pay attention to the reviews they have made. If most of them are bad reviews, then their authenticity should be questioned.

If you come across fake reviews, don’t spend too much time drawing out an elaborate response. Apologize and invite them for a private conversation will be enough.

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