How to start a Print On Demand business?

How to start a Print On Demand business?

The development of digital technology has resulted in unprecedented chances for entrepreneurs. As long as you are creative and have ideas in your mind, there’s always at least one way for you to earn money in Shopify, one of which is print-on-demand business.

If you are considering this kind of business, this article is worth reading since we will give you 5 basic steps to kick off a print-on-demand business. Check it below!

Step 1: Decide What to Sell

Picking the right niche is essential because you will stick with it for such a long time. First of all, choose something that you understand thoroughly, or draw up a list of everything you like. Some examples of print-on-demand products could be phone cases, T-shirts, tank tops, pillows, towels, stickers, or mousepads…

After that, check their popularity on searching engines or social platforms like Google Trends, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest… If there is little or no discussion about your ideas, they might not be perfectly possible and you had better move to the next options.

Step 2: Get Your Designs Ready

This second step requires a little bit of artistic blood. If you’re skillful, then you have gained some advantages over your counterparts. But if you aren’t, don’t worry since many wonderful designs are currently sold on Upwork, Design Pickle, Creative Market at pretty reasonable prices.

Step 3: Setup Your Website

Designing a website may take you a couple of days. First of all, choose the right platforms among Shopify, Teespring, BigCommerce, or TeeChip... They are all favored by the majority of users for being user-friendly and including easily customizable themes, so your choice should depend on the pricing and delivery provided by each platform. After that, set up the features of a business page such as the homepage, shipping details, payment details, and so on.

Step 4: Select the Print Provider

A supplier is a must and plays a crucial role in your business. At the moment, lots of them have directly integrated with eCommerce platforms, meaning that your store could be connected to the supplier and the order will be handled faster and more easily.

Step 5: Advertise Your Store

Even if your products are excellent, your designs are unique and your websites are extremely user-friendly, they are all meaningless if you don’t know how to promote your store effectively. Only when everyone knows about your shop’s existence will you be able to make sales and earn money.

To achieve that goal, here are some marketing techniques that you should apply:

  • Create accounts in some social media like Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram, then have some posts in several groups with hashtags related to your stores. Hiring influencers is a good idea as well if you want your brand to reach out to a larger audience scale.
  • Optimize your website by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Promote your customer reviews and comments since new buyers tend to believe in other’s experiences than your sole advertising.
  • Have some high-quality writings on the website blog.

Overall, starting a business may be difficult, but it will bear fruits in the long term if you really care about your products. Be patient and take action now! You may be one of the most successful print-on-demand sellers in the next five or ten years.

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